30 Day Parasite Cleanse Review Part 1 using Paraway Cleanse


So I’ve been looking at doing a parasite cleanse for quite a number of years now but just never got around to it… until now!

30 Day Paraway Cleanse [I’ve done a cleanse before using some mlm program but ended up actually gaining weight! I ate their weight loss cookie (them cookies were huge!) with my meals… lol You were supposed to skip meals and eat the cookies along with drinking stuff]

I was adding dental related stuff into my cart over at National Nutrition and decided to grab the 30 day Paraway Cleanse by Knowledge Products… these are my notes for the first 12 days…

==========start of notes==========

start anti parasite anti fungal cleanse ~9:30AM
Friday August 07 2015
(30 day Paraway Cleanse by Knowledge Products)

Day 1… tincture instructions on bottle
are different than the ones on the box

bottle states 3 times daily 20-40 drops
vs 2wice daily, 14 drops for first 7 days

does have a slight walnutty taste, not sure how
much water to use with tincture… put close to
half my glass with zero filtered water

Saturday August 08 2015
Day 2

bottles vs box instructions… totally different
recommended doses

show number of capsules in each bottle,
how many drops etc. 666mg… uh

tincture smells like paint, now tastes like paint lol

evening shook bottle, didn’t drip easily after shaking

Day 3 Sunday August 09 2015

11.34 am pooped nothing to report
2:01? tissue blocks poop… no obvious stuffage

9:58 PM 2 pills 1 clove and 14 drops half glass
back to easy drip this time

Day 4 Monday Sugust 10 2015
morning done

post 6:35PM

Day 5 Tuesday August 11 2015
-morning check
-pre 8:30PM
pooped twice earlier, not sure if anything is happening
wo der if increasing dosage/using what the actual
indivual bottles recommend vs box instructions
will do the trick

Day 6 Wednesday August 12 2015

10:30ish am big boop
nada… looks normal… no squirmie wormies or
dead wormies either

pre 9:30 PM 2,1, 14 drops
gonna eat dinner soon

Day 7 Thursday August 13 2015

12.31 pm poop time been holding in to play a game lol
late night, usual dosage

Day 8 Friday August 14

box states days 8-14 3 capsules of Artemisia Combination
14 drops of black walnut (bottle is 15-20 drops
3 times per day), and 2 caps of clove…

thinking I should follow bottle doseage instead

pre 9:45 AM
20 drops, 2 glasses water, 3x 3x

before 12 poop… where are them worms hiding?
need a collander and pick poop apart…?

Day 9 Saturday August 15
20 drops, 3x 3x

should I be using a collander and poking into
my poop and trying to dig-out/discover worms
this way…?

Day 10 Sunday August 16
lower left back screwed up early this morning,
really shocking pain each time moving my sister
to the toilet, mother heard me making pain noises
put on a heating pad…

then later in morning too… couldn’t
even stand up after about to lift her but feeling
too much sharp pain so tried standing up for a bit…
straightened out legs but body bent at waist…
finally was able to stand upright… carried sister
to can

went to nap ~6 PM got up, not as much pain but still
20 drops, 3x 3x

Day 11 Monday August 17
20 drops, 3x 3x

Day 12 Tuesday August 18
20 drops, 3x 3x
still have back pain at certain times mainly after getting up
from bed

a number of days ago the skin on my forearms started peeling… got burnt @ the Vancouver Aquarium July 29th…

======================= end of notes ==================================================

I do have an unboxing video to share…

bought Paraway Cleanse for $49.99 Canadian, *free shipping in Canada since I bought over $79 worth of stuff

So far I’m really disappointed in not having any parasite pics to share… maybe I should have used a colander to collect my bowel movements and then poked through them…

So either this parasite cleansing using Hulda Clark’s protocol isn’t working or I’m not infected with worms… still have 18 days to go to find out! (^_^)

Thanks for reading,

*btw, the U.S. also has free delivery, the minimum order is $149

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