About Bzz Reviews


Bzz Reviews was created so I had a place to do reviews on products and services I may receive from companies like Bzz Agents.

If you’re interested in receiving free products or services and are willing to try them out and give your honest opinions about these products and services then visit http://bzzagents.com

I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from Amazon.com and Amazon.ca for others and for myself… will be doing reviews of products I’ve bought and do future reviews of products I’ve received as discounts or for free in exchange for my opinion on those products.

So far I’ve been involved with 4 Offers from Bzz Agents:

*Pillsbury Pizza Pops – So far it’s 2 thumbs up and 2 Big toes up for the NEW Blazin’ Beef Nachos Pizza Pops!
*411.ca – I added complete deets on a business that wasn’t listed but they ended up rejecting to add that restaurant to their listings… *SHRUGS*
*Scrubbing Bubbles One Step – I recorded an unboxing, setting-up and using it video… it’s easier and more convenient to just spray cleaner into your toilet…
*Trend Micro Titanium (after receiving one year of protection I PAID for another year of protection, so far so good! (^_^))

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