Air-N-Mist Portable Humidifier Unboxing & Review

You can check out the same #AirNMist Portable Humidifier I’m unboxing n reviewing here:

It’a also available on Amazon:

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a discount so I could buy my own to test out and review

The main reason I was interested in the Air-N-Mist Portable Humidifier was so that I could let my younger sister use it while she’s in front of her Chromebook.

She sometimes starts “coughing up a lung” since it’s really dry in the living room… the heat’s cranked up. If the window is open she pretty much always starts sneezing. So we’ve been using a Diffuser and one of those Vick’s Vaporizers (it’s a filterless one) which gets pretty heavy with all that water inside of it.

But this one is great because it can be right there next to her plugged into your laptop and give her the moisture she needs in a steady streaming clean cool mist.


But here I am using it instead LOL

AirNMistSamsungRechargingUSBTravelAdapter-OptimizedBUT what if you don’t travel with your laptop or with one of those power banks…? No problemo!

You can plug your humidifier into your smartphone’s adapter plug. I attached mine into my Samsung Travel Adapter and it worked great. You probably have your recharging usb cable + power adapter with you. So now you can still use your Air-N-Mist


-Your Air-N-Mist Portable Travel Humidifier comes in a nicely designed box with instructions printed at the back (which I never looked at might be a good idea though LOL).
-Owner’s Manual
-USB cable with Wire Switch
-extra cotton bar (there’s already one ready to go inside your Humidifier)

It’s recommended that you soak one end of your cotton stick and then place that end in the head part next to the Atomizer plate…

Place your hands on either side of the silver ring separating the Head (Atomizer plate end) and Body (Water Absorption end) and turn counter clockwise to unscrew your humidifier stick. Pull out your cotton stick to soak and place back into place.

Grab a cup or mug and fill it with filtered water, place your humidifier into it…

Plug the usb into your humidifier… mine was a VERY tight fit so at first I thought that maybe I was trying to plug it in upside down.

Plug the other end into you computer, power bank or power adapter… the Wire Switch will have two blinking blue lights on… press down once and it they will turn solid blue and stay on AND then the next step is to…

AirNMistBlastingMyFace-OptimizedEnjoy your cool mist. (^_^)

I like my Air-N-Mist Humidifier. It looks nice. It’s easy to use. It’s portable, it’s small enough to take anywhere. It’s convenient. It’s for my little sister.

I think you’ll like yours too.


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