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Matcha Organics’ Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder Review

Matcha Organics’ Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder Review First Taste Test:

(This is the Matcha Green Tea from Matcha Organics that I was able to buy for a discounted rate to drink and review.) CANADA
USA Here:

I have not made anything from the Top 100 Matcha Recipes Ebook. I’ve just been drinking this straight up with water or more recently with beet root powder in my “Blender Bottle”.

The green tea powder will settle on the bottom of your cup/bottle so drink it in one shot if possible or you’ll have to keep re-stirring or re-shaking…

Can’t say that I’ve noticed any increases in energy (to be fair almost nothing works supplement-wise) or mood… or weight loss… which is probably because I’m more on the less-than-active side of the fitness lifestyle spectrum (whatever! LOL). [If you’re going to take supplements and matcha green tea you’ll definitely want to be somewhat active to enjoy the benefits of taking your daily doses of this healthy stuff. notice how even just going out for a brisk walk makes you feel more alive and energetic?]

This match green tea definitely has a strong recognizable green tea taste. I’m not even trying to re-adjust to weaken the overwhelming strength of the powder on my taste buds. Smells like green tea ice cream too when you open up the resealable pouch.

I really like green tea ice cream… (the mango one is great too!) whenever I have room left over from eating sushi and my usual chucken katsu/sometimes chicken teriyaki. I will have to try making some with matcha powder…

I also enjoy green tea. I should totally make some hot green tea…


I still have about half of the bag left to drink/bake/cook with.

Time to finish my daily morning bottle of Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder from Matcha Organics… blog ya later,

P.S. Earlier this year when at the local playground with my older sister and my niece, one mother was asking another mother whether she had tried something called Matcha Green Tea… (she was prettyt excited about it) now that I’ve been drinking this stuff I have something to talk about with these mums!

P.P.S. I didn’t realize this until after ordering that this green tea is sourced from… yup, you guessed it C-H-I-N-A. ugh. But then again there’s the whole Fukushima thingy which I was looking into earlier this year when doing research on the safety of matcha green tea from Japan and found a forum where they were just blasting away and openly mocking someone questioning if this stuff was safe… craziness.

P.P.P.S. I’ve continued to drink coffee with my Matcha Organics… NO JITTERS!

Ultimate Squat Unboxing, Assembly & Workout Review

If you want to know more about #UltimateSquat go directly o to their Official Site here:

or buy one on Amazon:

Very Simple to put together.

It’s pretty weird seeing a plain beat-up cardboard box with “2 Minute Booty” on it when you were expecting “The Ultimnate Squat” in a nicely branded box. while I was peeling off the packing tape the cardboard ripped open instead LOL

So what’s inside the box?
-1 paper Insert, 2 Minute Booty name eplanation, assembly and exercise instructions/pics
-4 carabiners
-2 stretch exercise tubes w/ a clip ring on both ends
-2 handles over straps (foot loops) with clip rings
-1 padded bar with 2 holes on both ends
-2 padded end pieces with roller wheels
-1 2 Minute Booty™ branded shoulder strap carrying bag

The insert mentioned a Diet and Exercise guide which I don’t see anywhere.

My rotating round ends were squashed flat at one part so they didn’t roll smoothly against the wall.

Even though there’s no mention of using your Ultimate Squat this way… it’s perfect for Shoulder Presses too! Squats followed by shoulder presses back to squats… to more shoulder presses…

If this doesn’t kick your buttock… whew! Work it baby!

Looks like you could add more resistance bands for even more of an insane quads/butt-kicking and shoulder-burning workout!

One really odd thing to me was the instructions for using the Ultimate Squat. I’ve never done squats in an “imagine you’re about to sit on a chair” way… so it was awkward doing them this way. it’s VERY Unnatural. This was makes you dependent on leaning against the bar and wall which reduces the effectiveness of the workout…

My feet (back in my gym days) were always under the bar while squatting not one of 2 steps in front of where the bar was.

The way it’s recommended with Ultimate Squat will really workout your quads. If you want to hit your glutes more then do squats with the bar and shoulders in line with your feet and squeeze your glutes during your squats. You could also try adding the “kick back” for tighter buns.

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own Ultimate Squat to test out and review with a discount code.

AYL TF89 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

I was able to buy a cool @ss Metallic Silver tactical flashlight…
AYL LED CREE XM-L2 Emergency Tactical Adjustable Focus Torch Flashlight

WARNING: PLEASE don’t point the flashlight towards your face and turn it on… this LED light can really mess up your eyes BUT DO feel free to strobe some intruder’s eyeballs… or people outdoors trying to do you harm!

Plain printed cardboard box… I really appreciate the cute THANK YOU insert card you see first thing when opening up your AYL Flashlight. Flip side shows the instructions.

The kit came with the flashlight, recharger, 3 AAA battery housing (inside the flashlight) and the 2200mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery inside its plastic housing (INCLUDED). You’ll have to use the plastic to keep the battery centered inside.

As I was removing the plastic case around the rechargeable battery, the battery slipped out onto my floor. It dones’t really fit snug around the battery.

The placement of the battery is opposite of the way you’d normally place a battery. You’re used to placing the (-) negative flat end of batteries against the spring right? And the knob against the non-spring end of the battery compartment in ANY electronics or toys… BIT NO…! It’s backwards with the #AYLFlashlight

Eventhough the instuctions photo shows which way the battery goes I still tried to put it in the way I thought it should go in… didn’t work so I flipped it around.

I’m not sure if this is the same with all tactical flashlights since this is my first one!

Pretty simple to use… press the button to turn it on then tap it (don’t make it click,just press it hard enough to change settings)

hard, medium and light then comes the strob followed by the SOS.

If you want to focus the beam you have to pull the head away from the body.

I’m not exactly sure how to push it back in flush immediately after full extension… like you can’t go to Full ZOOOM to regular zoom right away… still have to play with this ti find out what to do.

The normal default light is WIDE!

When you zoom in to the max you will see a SQUARE light.

Wolfyok Portable Camping Stove Unboxing & Review

[Please note that I’m still working on this review]

Gonna be trying to start cooking with my Wolfyok #PortableCampStove using my paracord survival bracelet firestarter… if that doesn’t work then I’m just going to use a lighter… IF I can find it. LOL

I would like to grab one of those sparking arcing lighters next time around… no need for lighter fluid.

What I like about this shtf stove is that you can just use leaves, twigs and tinder instead
of having to lug around a tank of propane around or extra cans for that other “portable” type
of camping stove (like the ones you see used in some restaurants and maybe at picnic tables…)

DISCLAIMER: I was able to grab a discount to test out & review my very own Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove from Wolfyok(TM)

Go Sport-it Ab Roller Unboxing, Installing and Review

Here’s the Sport-it Ab Roller I’m Unboxing, Installing and Reviewing:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own Sport-it Ab Roller for a discount to test out and review.

BUT there’s one important question we need to deal with first…

Why should you even consider using an ab roller in the first place?

Crunches are not natural body movement. How often in a day do you do the jerky crunch IRL? The only time you do the crunching motion is when… well, when you do crunches! How crazy is this when you really think about it…?

So you really need to do more stability aka CORE exercises. And this is where an ab roller can help. Almost every movement your body makes activates your core.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you somehow twerked your back by picking something up wrong or sleeping weirdly and woke up in pain? Notice how the slightest movement set off those severe pain signals…?! Not fun right?

So you could say the your CORE muscles aka abs and lover back muscles (don’t forget to work on your glutes too btw) are the MOST important ones to keep balanced and strong.

If you don’t have a strong core… almost nothing else matters.

Okay, now let’s get back to the review LOL

Sport-it Ar Roller Unboxing

-Nicely designed box.
-Guide shows how to do some ab exercises.
-Great rubber handles. These might be a bit small for you if you have big hands.
-Steel bar baby.
-Wheels are plastic. There will be some wear and tear in the middle with the plastic part coming out of the wheel spoke that keeps the wheels less than an inch apart… there is a bit of spacing & wobble
-I didn’t notice at first but the knee pad was smushed-in on one corner and the white “Sport-it” had come off before using it… there was some of it on the company insert… I saw an white O on my carpet and then saw that most of the letters were missing on the pad and then saw that some of the letters were jumbled up on my right knee…
-Perfect for when you have no space.

Sport-it Ab Roller Installation

SO easy.

There should be NO steel showing after putting the handles on. (I saw one review photo on amazon with a BIG gap next to one handle… somehow doubt that person even really used it.)

How to Use Your Ab Roller Safely:

If you’ve NEVER used an ab roller before you might want to try doing it this way first.

Start rolling close to a wall. roll towards it. was it okay?

Now try it a step back. How was it this time?

Don’t forget not to force the roll… allow your body weight to help in rolling forward. But keep it controlled and don’t forget to breath properly to keep your core stable and avoid unnecessary injuries. Exhale when rolling out. Hold your breath when extended as far as you safely can. Inhale coming back to the starting point.

Sport-it Ab Roller Exercise Routine

Don’t have the Iron Sheikh around to do his signature Camel Clutch on you to help give you that intense ab stretch?

You can place your forearms on your kitchen counter and slowly move your feet back and allow your body to arch backwards and raise your head up too… and hold the stretch.

Thanks for watching & reading,


Honey Land Honeycomb with Gift Box Unboxing & Taste Test Review

Honeycomb from The Land Flowing with Milk & Honey…?!

Yes please!

I’m am quite pleased with my Honey Land 100% RAW Honeycomb/beeswax in a Windowed Wood Gift Box with Latch. Check it out here:

Here’s my Honey land Honeycomb Unboxing & Taste Test Review Video:

(skip to 4mins mark – once I upload the whole video – where I finally get the lid open… and try some honeycomb LOL)

I really like the presentation! Gift box with a latch and a nice see-thru honeycomb container.

If you’re going to buy this as a gift don’t forget to remove the booklet inside the box (under the honey container). Would be weird to find that booklet about cold pressed oils. (I’m going to have to look into Pure & Natural Oil, looks promising)

Spent ~ 1 1/2 minutes licking the inside of the lid… YUM!

It was a bit annoying having to unravel that tape around the lid… lol I even washed the lid and it’s still sticky BUT not from whatever honey that leaked out before… it’s the stickiness from the tape residue!

So you may want to just transfer your honeycomb into a different container.

This honey is so sweet that it seems to good to be true. It’s almost as sweet, if not sweeter
than the stuff you can buy in the supermarket and those are known to contain little honey and
mostly added sugar…

I had honeycomb/beeswax from a local place once and I don’t recall much flavour or sweetness… I
mainly just recall chewing on the beeswax and wondering if I was supposed to spit it out or swallow it… so I’m wondering why Honey Land can be so naturally sweet.

I’ve been using Honey Land on toast (spooning up the “melted” honey alongside the bottom of the container).

I have yet to take a nice chunk and chew away… have only tried using my fingers and just had a few waxy tiny bits in my mouth.

DISCLAIMER: I did buy my Honey Land Honeycomb with a discount code so I could taste and review my very own supply.

Looks like someone forgot to renew the domain name… so I’m wondering when these Honey Land honeycombs were sent into Amazon.

Based on the taste & sweetness of Honey Land’s Honeycomb plus the nice windowed & latched wooden gift box I would recommend this for all honey/honeycomb lovers and gift givers.

Thanks for watching & reading,


Go Sport-it Pull-up Bar Unboxing, Installation and Review

The Go Sport-it Pull-up Bar is only available here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

My short review: Buy it.

Too short? Okay, okay, here’s the longer version:

Here’s the Sport-it Push-Up Bar video that shows the box with handle and bonus, “How to Install the Sport-it Pull-Up Bar” and pull-up bar safety feature:

FULL video will be available later. I’ve edited it down but it’s still large.

Sport It Pull-up Bar Unboxing:

It’s a good looking box! And I like the handle!

-long bar
-short bar x2
-curved bar handle x2
-plastic Sport-it bar
-2 long bolts
-2 medium length bolts
-4 short bolts
-4 nuts
-4 spring washers
-hex open wrench
-allen key
-safety protector
-regular flat washer (x4) that’s not included in the instructions Go Sport-it Push-up Bar Guide

Didn’t even know there was a skipping rope included… nice surprise.

Sport-it Pull-up Bar Installation:

1. slide the short bars into either end of the long bar by lining up the holes. I had a bit of a struggle getting them in at first. Plce the little bolts into the 2 holes nearest the short bar handles. If the bolts aren’t screwing in then look to see if holes are perfectly lined up. You just have to give it a slight twist to realign the holes and screw the bolts in nice and tight.

2. Place the curved handle and line up the hole with the remaining hole next to the bolts you just tightened before. Insert the long bolt all the way through and use the washer and nut. Do not tighten all the way just yet (you’ll see why shortly). Do the same with the other curved handle.

3. Take that Sport-it plastic bar with the rubbery pad and line up the grooved ends to the curved bars. (Take a quick look to see which way the “Sport-it” words are facing… I did it upside down initially LOL) You will notice that your curved bars will have to be adjusted to make sure that the plastic bar grooves and the holes in curved bars are perfectly lined up… so this is why I mentioned not to tighten them just yet. Alrighty so slide the medium length bolts in and use the washer + nut on the other side. Now go back and tighten the other nuts too.

4. You can now use your push up bar against the top of your door frame now BUT you should probably do this last step first!

Sport-It Pull-up Bar Safety Feature:
See that weird looking bent metal piece with the sharp pointy end on one side? Before you put that bar up on your door frame stick the pointy side into the frame and then place your Sport-it bar over it while the handles are on the other side of your door. Now you’re all set to use your push up bars safely!

(I was given a previous set by a friend while I was helping him move and then some short time later asked “Hey! Do you still have MY (emphasis added) pull up bars?” – I had even asked him back on that moving day when he was giving them to me “Are you sure…?” He was since he had another (newer) one. What’s even worse than this though is that the night I returned them I didn’t realize I was also going to a damn Amway meeting @ his house!!! So not only was he “asking” for the bars back but sitting through an Amway presentation I didn’t know I was going to! LOLOL I then received a text while driving home that I was the only friend he invited that showed up… well if I had known I wouldn’t have shown up either! smh)

I had left the bar up on my door frame when my mom walked by, saw my room door was open and closed it… down came the bar… On Her HEAD! There was blood!

So to me this added safety feature is a must!

Obviously to be on the safe side you should’t leave it unattended.

Sport-It Pull-up Bar Exercises:

1. You are going to love the stretch… unless you live near a playground with monkey bars or go to a gym then you are going to have a hard time getting the same type of stretch you can feel from your own pull-up bars.

2. Can’t do pull ups on your own yet with full extension and up with your chest to bar/head above the bar? No problemo. Grab a chair. Stand on it, start at the top position, squeeze those those lats and other back muscles and slowly go down then slowly go back up again…

or if you have someone around to help you can bend your legs at the knees @ 90 degrees, cross your ankles and have the person assist by pushing up against the bottom ankle…

Mainly 3 types of pull-ups possible…

short grip, wide grip and whatever it’s called on the middle (neutral hand grip, the bars where your palms face each other). You can also change it up a bit by placing your hands pronated (palms facing away from you) or supinated (palms facing you). So pull-ups can change into chin-ups too… or place one facing you and the other hand facing away from you.

3. Ab wokout… yup. Hanging leg raises anyone…? Your favorite right…? lol You can always try bending your knees and just twist your body sideways left to right.

Or you can place it against the bottom of your door frame and do regular crunches.

4. push ups in different positions

5. dips… depending on your body size you might want to try a stool or little box to raise your feet so you can actually do some real (deep) dips not just shallow minimal range of motion dips.

Some [possible] issues with the Go Sport-it Pull-up bar:

*That plastic Sport-it bar – why is this plastic? When I was tightening it I was thinking about how I’d -better not screw this nut down to tightly or it will crack. And depending on how often I use my pull-up bar it will eventually break/pull away from then bolted area… so don’t be doing any crazy leg raises or swinging your legs into the air vertically… just make sure to check your plastic bar to see if there are any visible signs of stress.

*The previous push-up bar I mentioned? They visible SCRATCHED up my door above the frame. I haven’t noticed anything yet.

*flat washer (x4) that’s not included in the instructions Go Sport-it Push-up Bar Guide

Nevermind what I did in my video, looks like you should only use the split washer (spring washers) . DO NOT use both like I did and don’t use just the flat one either. It’s best to use the split one by itself.

I ended up using placing them first followed by the flat (regular) washer then the nut. Which isn’t the best way to install the bars together.

This is the conclusion I’ve come to after doing some research about washers… not sure if anyone else is finding these 4 extra split lock washers in their box.

Alrighty, this is pretty much the end of my review. One last thing though…

DISCLAIMER: I did use a discount code so I could test out and review my own set of Sport-It Pull-up Bars.


Go Sport-it’s Push-up bar is another essential piece of fitness equipment for your home gym.

Go ahead and buy one for yourself.

Go Sport It!

Desktek VR 3D Glasses Unboxing Video & Review

Please Note that the Desktek Virtual Reality 3D Glasses I bought are not the same ones you now see listed here (updated to Version 2):®-Virtual-Smartphones-Cardboard-Adjustable/dp/B00S6EIIPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=google+cardboard

So I’ve finally decided to upload and post my Destek VR Glasses unboxing video:

Destek VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Version 1 Unboxing Video.

After this video I tested out my Destek VR Headset using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4… fit nicely (although I had to remove the Note 4 case – snapping it off since it was one of the ones that replaced the back of the phone and had the cover)

The phone almost dropped out at one point since I was busy having to constantly open the “lid” so that I could stick my finger in to touch the Galaxy Note 4 screen to activate the VR apps… the remote didn’t include batteries… so I left the lid open at one point.

The first app I tried was a roller coaster one. FAIL. It was actually pretty lame… had a hard time trying to find any good 3D apps in the Google Playstore… which leads us to…

The MAIN problem with VR glasses is that there are NO real good 3d games or videos that I could find (and when you read other reviews this is a VERY common issue)… it is also such a weird experience watching things in a virtual environment using a VR headset that you already know that there’s NO WAY you’d use them over even 15 minutes at a time…

I bought TWO Destek VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with the upgraded nose padding and remote control for full price (I was given a discount code to use that didn’t work – I didn’t use it right away and then when I contacted them that the code didn’t work and that I had bought 2 upgraded ones for full price and was hoping that in lieu of the non-working discount code for 1 headset I could maybe run a contest/giveaway instead and send the winner a free one – I was asked for the amazon receipt so I was like whatevs & didn’t reply back…)… soon after the Amazon listing had changed… dang it! There was now a newer version, the DESTEK 2016 New Version LOLOLOL

[Now there’s an even newer one: DESTEK® V2 COMBO 3D VR Headset I actually just “applied” to review this one today. We’ll see what happens.]

btw notice how I have TWO right? And I don’t need an extra one since one is good enough to play around with am I right? SO…

did you want my extra one?

Do you want me to so a #DESTEKVR giveaway/contest?


Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask AND Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub Review

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask:
Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub:

#Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask AND Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub [UNBOXING] video:

Okay this is going to sound weird coming from a dude but the 2 thing ssmell good… and I haven’t even taken the bubble wrap off the 2 boxes yet!

Nice looking boxes from the VALENTIA Everyday Luxury skin care line! [photos to be added late, I have to compress them as they’re TOO big to upload right now]

You can sign up at their website and receive
1. a coupon code for 15% off your next purchase! Now that’s cool!

-Cruelty Free
-Made using Sustainable Energy
-Unckudes Organic Ingredients
-Made in the USA
-Vegan Friendly
-98% Natural Ingredients

Who CareS!!!?? Does it work?!

Well, YES!

You can definitely feel the Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub working as you put it on… almost feels like your face is being scratched… my face started heating up as I applied the scrub in a circular motion all over my face.

Now you can also feel the Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask working… it started to tighten up my face, left it on for at least 15-20 minutes… both #Valentia skin care products are really easy to wash off… no sticky or greasy residue.

BUT you will still smell the clay mask after washing it off. One night I kept on waking up and asking myself ‘What’s that smell…?’

I’m still brand new to using clay masks so it looks like I’m not quite using enough…

The clay mask does dry out your face… but it also leaves it smooth at the same time. I made my mom try it out and she had to use cream on her face right after using the clay mask.

I have this growth thingy that started about a year ago… see… AND I have very dry skin esp in the eyebrows LOL they get a bit flakey-like.

Now my feet are EXTREMELY DRY. Check out the pics. [photos to be added late, I have to compress them as they’re TOO big to upload right now]

Part of experimenting with this skin care combo is also to test this out on my younger sister. She has some sort of acne problem that’s been ongoing for many, many years.

Let’s see how this helps.

If you need to exfoliate and detoxify your face then do check out & use Valentia’s Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask & Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub

DISCLAIMER: I was able to use a discount code to order the Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask and the Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub to test out and review

SIMIEN Rubber Arm Bar Review How to Strengthen Your Hands, Wrists & Forearms

Skip the review and check out the Simien’s Armbar listing on Amazon here:

Are you suffering from Tennis elbow? Perhaps in pain because of Golfer’s Elbow?

Maybe you just have puny forearms? Have weak wrists? No hand grip strength? No finger crushing power?
Simien Armbar Bend
#simiensports Armbar may be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Start with the Yellow Rubber Core (already inside the Blue Rubber Tube.)
Simien Armbar Twist
Then work your way up to the Green Rubber Core and Blue Rubber Core. (I had trouble placing the green one all the way into the tube and then had trouble removing it too… the yellow and blue were no problem for me.)
Simien Armbar Twist Angle
[Remember to slowly try the different exercises. Especially if they’re in awkward positions as you may experience that really bad twinge/electrical-shock-like pain.]

You can also use your SIMIEN Armbar as a massage roller for your forearms, wrists and finger flexors. Cool.

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own SIMIEN Armbar for a discount to test out and review. I’m not compensated in any way for sharing my thoughts and opinions here.