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Shadibody Jump Rope CrossFit Set Review
(DISCLAIMER: I was able to order from Amazon for free to test out and review my own Shadibody wrist sweatbands, crossfit speed jump rope, & resistance loop bands.)

Here’s my #Shadibody Unboxing & Review Video (I had to edit & speed-up this video since it was REALLY long):

Exercise Resistance Loop Bands comes with 3 pieces-for varying degrees and difficulty of resistance
Green = Easy
Red = Medium
Blue = Harder

Okay now. This is really cool that Shadibody includes the wire cutter pliers! Say what?! No need run out and buy one or having to rummage around everywhere looking for yours. Very Convenient.
Your Shadibody skipping rope also comes with an extra rope AND extra Rubber Domes (end caps) and Screw Handles (nuts and bolts for crossfit jump ropes)

You’ll also find a red drawstring pouch to carry your #crossfit skipping rope and 3 resistance loop bands wherever you go. No time for the gym or no gym close by? No Problemo.

There’s an insert telling you how to claim your free ebook and gives you:
-a SWEET 20% Discount on all Future Products for the Next 7 Years!
-an amazing 3-Year Warrantee on Shadibody Products
-and a cool Full Refund within 30 Days of Purchase

There are some negatives though… (minor ones)

One of my sweatbands did have a bit of fraying at one end…

And there’s that ebook you can download BUT it doesn’t include any photos or drawings or links to vids so you might not know how to trim your jump rope to personalize it to the proper length for your body or how to properly and safely do the resistance band exercises…

(I will by embedding a video here showing how to do it)

Now I’m going to have to test out how long these resistance loop bands last for and how long it’s going to take me to wear out the skipping rope before I have to replace it with the spare one… the faster I wear them out, the faster I’ll lose all this extra fat around my midsection!

So how about you?

So anytime time you’re finally ready to LOSE FAT and get healthy again… go ahead and check out Shadibody, start skipping rope and use those resistance loop bands. Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

Instant Granite™ White Italian Marble Unboxing & Review

[Instant Granite™ White Italian Marble Before & After Photos]

You can check out Appliance Arts, the creator of #instantgranite here:

YoonBlowDryerUPSBox Blow Dryer + Triangular UPS Box? Whatever could I be up to…?

Any guesses as to which Instant Granite™ Countertop Film design/color I chose? Was it Venetian Gold, White Italian Marble, or Luna Pearl?

It’s really hilarious of my mom interrupting me in the middle of my UNBOXING and REVIEW video… listen to our conversation… (would have been interesting if she had not known my plans and been surprised my the sudden reno

Sped up installation process… my hd action cam ran out of batteries and my smart phone ran out of storage space so only about half of what I ended up doing shows up…

It’s really convenient and nice of Appliance Art, the makers of Instant Granite to include The Mini Soft Spreader (from lidco products) in lemon yellow with my White Italian Marble.

Low profile, 1 side flat, 1 side slightly beveled and rolled edges, Center thumb spot.

Did NOT expect to see one… goes beyond totally cool for a company to think of little things like this.

Alrighty. So the roll I received is 3′ x 12′. Make sure you measure your kitchen counter top before you order… I know it’s common sense BUT… *ahem * cough * cough* a certain somebody didn’t… [pointing finger at self] who me…?

But no worries! I’m going to install my faux but real looking marble around the bathroom sink!

Wouldn’t you know it… my mother doesn’t necessarily like my choice BUT I’ll make her a believer once she sees the final completed installed NEW bathroom sink counter in White Italian Marble. And if not…?

…good thing Appliance Art states:

“Removing: – Just pull it off! It’s that simple.”

One thing you’ll notice is just how thin your marble/granite is.

It’s not super crazy sticky. Which means that it’s easily & repeatedly removable and won’t leave a really messed up residue you’ll have to struggle cleaning if you ever decided to remove it or lift parts up to correct any mistakes you made.

Here’s what I just wrote on the instant granite website (this time including BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS:

BEFORE Instant Granite and potential installation trouble spots

Alright so I spent quite a few hours changing the bathroom sink counter from the original green granite look to the NEW Instant Granite White Italian Marble woot!
Instant Granite Italian White Marble AFTER Side Angle

Instant Granite Italian White Marble AFTER front view

Thank you SO MUCH for including a lidco Mini Soft Spreader! It was such an extremely useful tool while installing my marble.

You wouldn’t believe how many time I was lifting the instant granite up and down to get it just right… especially around the round sink!!! That was pretty difficult for me BUT I did git r done!

I should have used one large piece but wasn’t feeling too confident in my abilities to install it with the sink in the way so I did it in 2 sections. Glad I did it this way except that the overlap, to me, was quite obvious.

The bathroom lights are VERY bright btw so any errors are probably amplified. Who wants to mess things up when trying to make the bathroom like nice for mom? Plus family is arriving in 2 days so you just have to get everything just right.

I tried to finish this before my mother woke up but she saw what I was doing at ~6AM. I was almost done at the time… she didn’t notice the overlap.

I went to sleep at ~ 7AM and up again ~ 12PM. The overlap is not as noticeable now. There is a difference in color so I can easily distinguish between the 2 pieces, one part is whiter, the other is more greyish.

I did use my blow dryer… was pretty neat. Using your finger to do touch-ups to your new countertop. Molding the ends and almost melting edges together.

Next time I do a Reno… I’m definitely NOT going to do it by myself again! LOL (But what a great experience!)

Make sure to have all the proper tools. I didn’t want to wake mom up to ask her where she kept her extra sharp tools… don’t use scissors like I did! For the main “slab” it won’t matter as much but if you need pieces for the sides (like if your counter isn’t just flat) then having exact edges is a must.

I did mention to my mom that I could just lift the whole thing off but she seems to like it now that it’s installed (in my unboxing video you can hear how she didn’t like my choice of color AT ALL! LOL) and doesn’t want me to remove it.

All I have left to do now is is add 2 more little pieces, one to the left side back rounded corner and one to the front right corner and caulking around the sink to complete my complete renovation of my bathroom counter top!

Thanks to Appliance Art & their really nice looking Italian White Marble Instant Granite™! I did it! I actually did it! w00t!

I did receive a roll of White Italian Marble to test out and review.

========== end of my review posted on =================

Here’s a PRO installing the Instant Granite (no idea who this lady is but she makes it look SO EASY)…

Instant Granite is currently available in 5 different styles: Venetian Gold, Luna Pearl, White Italian Marble, Chestnut, and Ubatuba Black.

Green Earth Pan by Ozeri Unboxing & Review


I’m unboxing and reviewing the 10″ Green Earth Pan by Ozeri. (available here: I received mine from their distributor Moderna Housewares to test out and review.

Here’s the You Tube Video of Yours Truly opening up my Ozeri Green Earth Pan:

Future Videos: Preparing Your Ozeri Earth Pan for cooking, testing out cooking breakfast, lunch and then some Korean Food! Y.UM.MY!

The 2nd video will be about Preparing your Ozeri Green Earth Pan for cooking. I know this sounds weird but it sounds pretty important so I ain’t skipping this step.

The 3rd video will be cooking simple things that sometimes leave an annoying stuck-on-hard-to-clean-mess with most pans

…and then there will probably be a separate series where you’ll find me cooking KOREAN FOOD with my Green earth Pan! w00t! I kmow Y.UM.MY right?! Nom nom nom.




What makes the Ozeri Fry Pan non-stick?


What’s Greblon®…?!

It’s a ceramic coating made in Germany

What’s the big deal?

-No harmful chemicals or heavy metals… we have enough toxic junk floating around, the last thing we need is cooking our food with disease-causing and carcinogenic elements in our pots and pans!



-Scratch-resistant ceramic that lasts a long time – but don’t be forcefully scraping your ozeri pan with metal cooking tools and utensils (scratch-resistant NOT scratch-proof). I’m thinking I need to grab one of those silicone spatulas and maybe a silicone spoon too. Good thing I have wooden cooking utensils to use.

-Ceramic coating emits no crazy toxic fumes entering your nostrils and making you all crazy-like


-easy to clean

-induction stove safe

Pretty cool so far eh?

Take a look at the elevated texture creates air pockets which distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking.
Patterned cooking surface helps prevent food bonding for superior non-stick performance and easy cleaning.


That greblon® logo thingy in the middle. Initially I thought it was a permanent metallic logo… but nope. It’s an easily removable sticker.


This thing is pretty heavy… good thing it has a solid looking handle to pan connection. I’m not used to using soft rubber-like handles… so I’ll have to get used to that. Just feels weird to me. And it seems like it will get dirtier more easily than a regular plastic? or metal handle. (It’s gonna have little particles stick to it) If you look at the pics it already looks to have picked up some stuff…

Hey! I just noticed that it has a slightly recessed part for your thumb! Sorta like a thumb rest? Cool beans!

I’m happy to note that there’s no chemical-like smells emanating from my hand after grabbing & squeezing the handle just before. NICE!

(I don’t think this pan can go in the oven to bake stuff) <<== WRONG! I just checked the User's Guide and it states “This pan is oven safe to 180 C or 356 F. While your pan handle is oven-safe, always use oven gloves.”

Here’s what the bottom of your Ozeri Green Earth Pan looks like:


Let’s see how well it’s going to evenly distribute the heat (wait for my cooking vids!)…

[Oh! Not sure if it really matters but my stove is an electric range that uses coiled electric burners.]

If you were wondering what country your #ozeri green earth frying pan is made in… this will answer your question. You might not like the answer though. LOL


Something I’ve never seen before that came inside the box…


A pan protector! Who knew?

Perfect for when you need to stack your pots n pans or store utensils on top of your pan.

So what do you think so far? Pretty cool right?

Now let’s go and create some amazingly delicious food with our Ozeri Green Earth Pan!

TENS Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unboxing Video and Review – More Power, More Speed!

This TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Unboxing and Review one is available here: DISCLAIMER: I received a sweet discount so I could test it out and post a review.

Okay SPOILER Alert: this TENS machine you hold in your hands can crank out the power and give you the Most Intense Electric Pulse (I’ve never been touched with Defibrillator so I can’t compare this to one of those lol) and then you add in the SPEED… WOO-HOO! Now that’s some kind of massage baby!

Here’s the best part of the above UNBOXING & Review Video, ONLY 1:17 mins long:




I really appreciate that Santa Medical included the 4 AAA batteries! I do have rechargeable ones, 2 of which are in my Dr. Ho’s 2-pads TENS Unit. (I’m too lazy to even get my own batteries. Isn’t that why I need a deep powerful massage from a TENS Unit in the first place?? LOL okay so I’m slightly overstating my degree of laziness here…)

Put the batteries in. Plug your lead wires into your new best friend aka Electronic Pulse Massager. Attach your STICKY pads (electrodes) AND crank it up! It’s a party your body won’t forget!

I really like it so far (I’ve bought that Dr. Ho’s thingy 3 times. 1 for myself. And the 4-pads version for my bro-in-law and a ex-bff)…

What’s pretty cool about this #Tensunit is the dual channel part… you can either massage 2 people at the same time with different Power Intesity and Speed or it’s perfect for when you want to massage 2 different muscle groups at the same time.

TENSUnitStickyPadElectrodeCloseUp(Yay! These pads are sticky! They will stick to your fingers when you first try to peel them off the large plastic backing they come stuck to.)

One thing to note is that the lead wire may not give you enough space for when your want to place your pads on both traps so you can actually pull the wires apart.

The massage timer is maxed out at 15 minutes. Which is actually a good safety feature… if you feel like you need a longer massage then just start again or Use More Power and Use More Speed (“I Need More Power, I Need More Speed!” with voice of the Original Captain James T. Kirk with Scotty responding with “Jim, she’s given it all she’s got!”

I tried moving one pad while it was still on to place it lower from my upper traps… ouch! Thought that maybe I had placed the pad on a zit or something! Sharp piercing pain. Turned off and moved the 2nd pad too…

Right now I’ve moved both pads to my upper back and it’s not feeling powerful enough… think I need the extra boost from the other lead line and 2 additional pads…

Still testing this TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager out… so far, so good!

Air-N-Mist Portable Humidifier Unboxing & Review

You can check out the same #AirNMist Portable Humidifier I’m unboxing n reviewing here:

It’a also available on Amazon:

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a discount so I could buy my own to test out and review

The main reason I was interested in the Air-N-Mist Portable Humidifier was so that I could let my younger sister use it while she’s in front of her Chromebook.

She sometimes starts “coughing up a lung” since it’s really dry in the living room… the heat’s cranked up. If the window is open she pretty much always starts sneezing. So we’ve been using a Diffuser and one of those Vick’s Vaporizers (it’s a filterless one) which gets pretty heavy with all that water inside of it.

But this one is great because it can be right there next to her plugged into your laptop and give her the moisture she needs in a steady streaming clean cool mist.


But here I am using it instead LOL

AirNMistSamsungRechargingUSBTravelAdapter-OptimizedBUT what if you don’t travel with your laptop or with one of those power banks…? No problemo!

You can plug your humidifier into your smartphone’s adapter plug. I attached mine into my Samsung Travel Adapter and it worked great. You probably have your recharging usb cable + power adapter with you. So now you can still use your Air-N-Mist


-Your Air-N-Mist Portable Travel Humidifier comes in a nicely designed box with instructions printed at the back (which I never looked at might be a good idea though LOL).
-Owner’s Manual
-USB cable with Wire Switch
-extra cotton bar (there’s already one ready to go inside your Humidifier)

It’s recommended that you soak one end of your cotton stick and then place that end in the head part next to the Atomizer plate…

Place your hands on either side of the silver ring separating the Head (Atomizer plate end) and Body (Water Absorption end) and turn counter clockwise to unscrew your humidifier stick. Pull out your cotton stick to soak and place back into place.

Grab a cup or mug and fill it with filtered water, place your humidifier into it…

Plug the usb into your humidifier… mine was a VERY tight fit so at first I thought that maybe I was trying to plug it in upside down.

Plug the other end into you computer, power bank or power adapter… the Wire Switch will have two blinking blue lights on… press down once and it they will turn solid blue and stay on AND then the next step is to…

AirNMistBlastingMyFace-OptimizedEnjoy your cool mist. (^_^)

I like my Air-N-Mist Humidifier. It looks nice. It’s easy to use. It’s portable, it’s small enough to take anywhere. It’s convenient. It’s for my little sister.

I think you’ll like yours too.


Unboxing Krazilla Waterproof HD Sports Action Camera

Here’s what I’m unboxing and reviewing ==> The Krazilla Waterproof HD Sports Action Camera: Disclaimer: I did receive a discount so I could test out my very own Krazilla. They’ve reduced the price by a LOT since I bought mine… check it out if you’re looking for a low-cost 1080P waterproof action camera.


I was able to buy it for a discount… pretty soon after that it was drastically discounted on… and then their actual website… it’s still currently hacked with some ransom message on it… so like is this brand being ignored and done away with? Go server-side and delete the junk that’s there and put your site back up yo! How long before a brand realizes that something’s gone wrong with their website?! O.o

I was more than happy to unbox my Krazilla seeing as it was my only sports action camera… I’d been looking @ Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM, Go Pro, Polaroid but found myself with the cool opportunity to grab myself a krazilla.

Your Krazilla comes in the waterproof case. I haven’t tested out if the seals are good enough to keep water out of the case and camera yet… want to be able to take some vids n pics first…

I do not have any footage of photos to share with you… looks like my micro SD card is kaput… think it was damaged from being in my Galaxy S2 when dropped off my table. So I have to buy a new card and adapter (have no idea where my adapter is) before I can test out the video and photography capabilities. Sorry.

GreenPlasticStickerAndResidueNatrualLightingI have no idea why that green plastic square thingy is there on my screen. I tried to remove it and it’s just stretching out… and now there’s also a transparent residue in that spot.

There is NO Internal Memory whatsoever. No micro SD card = no videos = no photos = your changed settings and time stamp are reset once you pull the battery out and put it back in.

Looking forward to testing it out as a Dash Cam first. I’m also thinking about buying one of those accessories kits – mainly the chest & head mounts.

Plugged my #krazilla into my desktop to recharge the battery, you can see the battery icon showing that it’s charging up on the screen. Went out for a very short time it looked to be fully charged. But once I turned it on the battery level showed the one green bar just like when I first turned it on straight out of the box… not sure how to check out the real battery level… guess I’ll have to use the app to sync-up with the camera and see how much juice it still has.

Krazilla comes with the following:
-HD Sports Camera – really like the compact “cute” size and having the lcd screen is great!
-Waterproof case – quite easy to open to take the camera out
-USB charging cable (plastic bag was not sealed completely, only part way)
-Bicycle Bracket
-3 Screws (mine seemed to be missing one BUT then I noticed afterwards that one of them was screwed into the bicycle bracket… which makes me think that min might have been a RETURN especially since…) Another thing to note is that these are smooth plastic, not rubber… I have dryish fingers so I kept dropping one screw in my unboxing/review video – just glad that I didn’t damage the glass and wood.
-Helmet Bandage
-Bracket Base and Helmet Bracket Base (which both have the 3M stickers attached to them)
-Bracket Fastener
BrokenVertical Connector-Vertical Connector my Connector was broken! The metal screw thingy was not attached & there was a small metallic w/m shaped thing as well (which leads me to think that maybe someone saw this or somehow broke it and then RETURNED it)
-Horizontal Connector
-Rechargeable lithium battery (this things gets HOT even though I still haven’t taken any vids or photos yet!!! and that heat spreads to other parts of the camera too)
-a bonus empty plastic bag (yes, a small empty plastic bag LOL which I’m guessing the battery should have been in with a piece of tape keeping it from slipping out…? Which gives me a third reason to think that maybe I have a used krazilla)

(the User Manual itself shows the krazilla is a PADV008 camera)

When you look at the 2 menus… man, there are a LOT of functions/options with this camera!
The first bunch: Movie Size, Seamless, Date Stamp, Resolution, Quality, Drive Mode, Sequence Capture, Interval and Capture
The 2nd bunch or settings/functions/options: Wi-Fi Set, Language, Format, Date & Time, TV Out, Sounds, LCD Save, Power Save, Metering, Sharpness, White Balance, Exposure, Light Freq. and System.

I still have to try using the HDMI. Will be cool to see how things look on the smart tv.
If you have an Android device like I do then here’s a direct link to the iSmart DV app on Google Playstore

When you look at the lcd screen you will notice the dreaded FISH EYE distortion. Which pretty much means your photos and videos will also have that distortion. I’ll have to fiddle around with the settings to see what can be done about minimizing it, reducing it or just getting rid of it if at all possible.

I do like how the camera shows “Bye-bye” when you shut it off. Just an added touch of coolness. It’s just really quite neat.

I’ll be back with a REVIEW testing out the video, photo and audio capabilities of Krazilla when I have a working micro sd card! SORRY!

Go Nutrients Iodine Edge Nascent Iodine Ongoing Review

Disclaimer: Received a cool discount so I could test Go Nutrients’ Iodine Edge.

Nascent Iodine EdgeI bought it here:

#IodineEdge is made from deep-earth sourced re-sublimated Iodine and contains USP-grade Kosher Certified vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Nice dropper bottle. I take my nascent iodine straight into my mouth.

Now how many of these drops do you take? Under “Supplement Facts” on the bottle it mentions 6 drops being the Application Size which works out to be 2,694 mcg which equals 1,796 % Daily Value.

WARNING: it goes without saying buy if you’re taking meds, have thyroid or cardiovascular problems then you’ll want to consult with your Physician first

You really should read the How to use Iodine Edge pdf called “Iodine Edge-Directions”… I’ve just been doing the 6 drops… looks like I have to work up to more than that doseage to experience the effects of & benefits from using Go Nutrients’ Iodine Edge…

I’ll be back after more testing!

GinST15 Fermented Korean Ginseng LiquidCaps Review

Disclaimer: Thanks to Surv’N Thrive I was able to review GinST15 for a discounted price.
I bought my GinST15 Fermented Ginseng LiquidCaps here: (they also sell Ginseng Elixir in a dropper bottle. How cool is that?!)

Have you ever experienced the taste or effects of Authentic Korean Ginseng before?

Then you’ll really like the taste of fermented ginseng. It’s NOT awful! LOL

I’ll admit that I was a bit leary of trying FERMENTED!? ginseng What’s that?! It’s probably going to taste horrid right…? It wasn’t actually that bad… I gave my younger sister one (but of course! Who wouldn’t use a sibling as a guinea pig? LOL) – she really dislikes HATES pills but it was okay since this thing dissolved so quickly (I think she partially bit into it) so she didn’t even have to swallow it.

So I asked her about the taste…
Moi: “So what do you think? Is it nasty…?”
Her: “It’s okay”. <== Which means it’s pretty good.

Our family grew up having tasted Ginseng Candy, Tea and real Ginseng growing up with a real Korean Halmoni so we all experienced acupuncture, downing herbal concoctions boiled in a traditional clay pot and drinking the ever nasty doraji mul when sick (it worked though!)…

Never had a Korean Grandma? Never tried Ginseng before? It’s probably going to be one of those acquired tastes… but no worries you can let a bit of the Ginseng out under your tongue and then swallow it with water if it gets too strong for your delicate taste buds (LOL)

Today I walked to the bank and then made a quick pit-stop to order takeout at Taco Del Mar then made it back home in record walking-time… (I took a dose of my GST15-4 before I went out). I was walking abnormally fast for me (I generally walk really, really slow.) and didn’t feel like I was getting tired and I wasn’t feeling all “JACKED UP” either… guess one could call it #SmoothEnergy?

I did experience a “food coma” after eating most of my ginormous burrito along with part of this totally delicious rice/salsa/black beans salad though. LOL And yes, I went to take a nap. FOOD COMA won out versus GINSENG ENERY.

I do suffer from a lack of sleep that goes beyond insomnia… I have the younger sister who can’t walk so she crawls to my door during the night and knocks when she needs to go to the bathroom… how’s that for no energy during the day?!

I haven’t been taking naps everyday like I always feel like doing so these LiquidCaps full of Fermented Korean Ginseng must be doing something right!

I’ve been thinking about taking the Ginseng 3 times per day… at least once in the morning and once at night and maybe even midday and see how that goes. Is my energy level going to increase a lot?

I decided to take another pill earlier & let it just melt in my mouth and almost immediately felt less tired. Quite cool.

You may have to use your finger nail to create an opening in the blister pack so the your Ginseng caps can come out easily. That seal they use is pretty strong. Most of the times my cap is already partially indented from pushing it out of its individual pocket making it easier to have the Ginseng get pushed out by placing it under my tongue.

[will be adding photos and my video]

Comenzar 13-in-1 Multifunction Pliers Review

Hiya! So here’s my review of the Comenzar 13-tools-in-1 Pliers:

I bought mine for a discount here:

Before we get into this blog post let’s check out my Comenzar “Saw Versus Log” Video…!

First thing you’ll notice is the nicely branded silver Comenzar Logo in a black box. Another you’ll notice is that there’s some weight to this thing!

There’s the usb charging cable and nylon sheath nice and snug inside the box:

Ta-Da! Everything you need is here:

So basically the Comenzar 13-in-1 multifunction pliers includes:
-Flat nose pliers
-Regular pliers
-wire cutter
-fish descaler w/ hook remover and ruler (kinda 3 tools here)
–bottle opener w/ slotted screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
-a file w/ large slotted screwdriver
-slotted scredriver
-can opener
-LED flashlight with a nice Yellow Button
-USB Port
-USB charging cable
-box and “picture” insert showing where all the tools are

I really like that the Comenzar has a rechargeable LED flashlight… it’s so BRIGHT! Even with the lights… wow!

How many time have you ever tried to use pliers in one hand while removing or tightening a screw and a flashlight in the other hand (maybe even balancing it between your legs or in your mouth?!) OR you had your mom or friend trying to help and having them shine the beam of light full-on right in your eyes?!? LOL

Would be nice if there was a flashlight facing the other way too. What is you have to use the knife, screwdrivers or saw and use them in the dark…???

I used the needle nose part of the pliers earlier today while tightening the toilet seat and noticed that the handles did go really wide… someone with smaller hands might have to use two hands.

The knife needs to be sharpened… the saw has interesting teeth… when you look at the wire cutter you’ll have to be very careful if you try to strip wires instead…

Comenzar is small enough when folded to put in your pocket (it is a little on the heavy side though)… or better yet you can just use the belt pouch. It’s not some huge bulky thing that will get in your way. Now where do you carry your usb charging cable? Well you probably won’t have to recharge for quite a while (will have to test this out, how long from full discharge to full charge and continuous use) so it’s no big deal.

I like mine…

Maybe you should get one too. (^_^)

BIG ASS DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my Comenzar multifunction pliers for a discount so I could review it.

Mamaway PostNatal PostPartum Belly Band Unboxing and Review

(will be uploading my unboxing vid to youtube later)

Disclaimer: I received a discount so I could buy my own mamaway to review. I bought mine here:

mamaway Post Natal Belly Band Box Front CoverFirstly, the box leaves you no doubt as to what you have in front of you. Nice large image of a Past Natal Belly Band… except the one on the box is not identical to the one you find inside. Not a really biggie but more of a… “Uh… okaaaay…”

Back of box with instructions:
mamaway Belly Band Instructions Back

Here’s How to Put Your #mamaway PostPartum Bellyband on:

mamaway is made with PAIHO Bamboo Charcoal Tech… now Why is this important to you?!

1. It releases Far Infrared Rays to improve blood circulation while keeping the body warm and maintaining body temperature

2. The structure of Taiwan bamboo charcoal provides natural minerals which absorb moisture and reduces odors.

3. Bamboo charcoal yarn will not be affected by repeated washings.

I don’t know why all my images below are upside down!!!