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Green Earth Pan by Ozeri Unboxing & Review


I’m unboxing and reviewing the 10″ Green Earth Pan by Ozeri. (available here: I received mine from their distributor Moderna Housewares to test out and review.

Here’s the You Tube Video of Yours Truly opening up my Ozeri Green Earth Pan:

Future Videos: Preparing Your Ozeri Earth Pan for cooking, testing out cooking breakfast, lunch and then some Korean Food! Y.UM.MY!

The 2nd video will be about Preparing your Ozeri Green Earth Pan for cooking. I know this sounds weird but it sounds pretty important so I ain’t skipping this step.

The 3rd video will be cooking simple things that sometimes leave an annoying stuck-on-hard-to-clean-mess with most pans

…and then there will probably be a separate series where you’ll find me cooking KOREAN FOOD with my Green earth Pan! w00t! I kmow Y.UM.MY right?! Nom nom nom.




What makes the Ozeri Fry Pan non-stick?


What’s GreblonĀ®…?!

It’s a ceramic coating made in Germany

What’s the big deal?

-No harmful chemicals or heavy metals… we have enough toxic junk floating around, the last thing we need is cooking our food with disease-causing and carcinogenic elements in our pots and pans!



-Scratch-resistant ceramic that lasts a long time – but don’t be forcefully scraping your ozeri pan with metal cooking tools and utensils (scratch-resistant NOT scratch-proof). I’m thinking I need to grab one of those silicone spatulas and maybe a silicone spoon too. Good thing I have wooden cooking utensils to use.

-Ceramic coating emits no crazy toxic fumes entering your nostrils and making you all crazy-like


-easy to clean

-induction stove safe

Pretty cool so far eh?

Take a look at the elevated texture creates air pockets which distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking.
Patterned cooking surface helps prevent food bonding for superior non-stick performance and easy cleaning.


That greblonĀ® logo thingy in the middle. Initially I thought it was a permanent metallic logo… but nope. It’s an easily removable sticker.


This thing is pretty heavy… good thing it has a solid looking handle to pan connection. I’m not used to using soft rubber-like handles… so I’ll have to get used to that. Just feels weird to me. And it seems like it will get dirtier more easily than a regular plastic? or metal handle. (It’s gonna have little particles stick to it) If you look at the pics it already looks to have picked up some stuff…

Hey! I just noticed that it has a slightly recessed part for your thumb! Sorta like a thumb rest? Cool beans!

I’m happy to note that there’s no chemical-like smells emanating from my hand after grabbing & squeezing the handle just before. NICE!

(I don’t think this pan can go in the oven to bake stuff) <<== WRONG! I just checked the User's Guide and it states “This pan is oven safe to 180 C or 356 F. While your pan handle is oven-safe, always use oven gloves.”

Here’s what the bottom of your Ozeri Green Earth Pan looks like:


Let’s see how well it’s going to evenly distribute the heat (wait for my cooking vids!)…

[Oh! Not sure if it really matters but my stove is an electric range that uses coiled electric burners.]

If you were wondering what country your #ozeri green earth frying pan is made in… this will answer your question. You might not like the answer though. LOL


Something I’ve never seen before that came inside the box…


A pan protector! Who knew?

Perfect for when you need to stack your pots n pans or store utensils on top of your pan.

So what do you think so far? Pretty cool right?

Now let’s go and create some amazingly delicious food with our Ozeri Green Earth Pan!