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AYL TF89 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

I was able to buy a cool @ss Metallic Silver tactical flashlight…
AYL LED CREE XM-L2 Emergency Tactical Adjustable Focus Torch Flashlight

WARNING: PLEASE don’t point the flashlight towards your face and turn it on… this LED light can really mess up your eyes BUT DO feel free to strobe some intruder’s eyeballs… or people outdoors trying to do you harm!

Plain printed cardboard box… I really appreciate the cute THANK YOU insert card you see first thing when opening up your AYL Flashlight. Flip side shows the instructions.

The kit came with the flashlight, recharger, 3 AAA battery housing (inside the flashlight) and the 2200mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery inside its plastic housing (INCLUDED). You’ll have to use the plastic to keep the battery centered inside.

As I was removing the plastic case around the rechargeable battery, the battery slipped out onto my floor. It dones’t really fit snug around the battery.

The placement of the battery is opposite of the way you’d normally place a battery. You’re used to placing the (-) negative flat end of batteries against the spring right? And the knob against the non-spring end of the battery compartment in ANY electronics or toys… BIT NO…! It’s backwards with the #AYLFlashlight

Eventhough the instuctions photo shows which way the battery goes I still tried to put it in the way I thought it should go in… didn’t work so I flipped it around.

I’m not sure if this is the same with all tactical flashlights since this is my first one!

Pretty simple to use… press the button to turn it on then tap it (don’t make it click,just press it hard enough to change settings)

hard, medium and light then comes the strob followed by the SOS.

If you want to focus the beam you have to pull the head away from the body.

I’m not exactly sure how to push it back in flush immediately after full extension… like you can’t go to Full ZOOOM to regular zoom right away… still have to play with this ti find out what to do.

The normal default light is WIDE!

When you zoom in to the max you will see a SQUARE light.

Wolfyok Portable Camping Stove Unboxing & Review

[Please note that I’m still working on this review]

Gonna be trying to start cooking with my Wolfyok #PortableCampStove using my paracord survival bracelet firestarter… if that doesn’t work then I’m just going to use a lighter… IF I can find it. LOL

I would like to grab one of those sparking arcing lighters next time around… no need for lighter fluid.

What I like about this shtf stove is that you can just use leaves, twigs and tinder instead
of having to lug around a tank of propane around or extra cans for that other “portable” type
of camping stove (like the ones you see used in some restaurants and maybe at picnic tables…)

DISCLAIMER: I was able to grab a discount to test out & review my very own Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camp Stove from Wolfyok(TM)