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Desktek VR 3D Glasses Unboxing Video & Review

Please Note that the Desktek Virtual Reality 3D Glasses I bought are not the same ones you now see listed here (updated to Version 2):®-Virtual-Smartphones-Cardboard-Adjustable/dp/B00S6EIIPQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=google+cardboard

So I’ve finally decided to upload and post my Destek VR Glasses unboxing video:

Destek VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Version 1 Unboxing Video.

After this video I tested out my Destek VR Headset using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4… fit nicely (although I had to remove the Note 4 case – snapping it off since it was one of the ones that replaced the back of the phone and had the cover)

The phone almost dropped out at one point since I was busy having to constantly open the “lid” so that I could stick my finger in to touch the Galaxy Note 4 screen to activate the VR apps… the remote didn’t include batteries… so I left the lid open at one point.

The first app I tried was a roller coaster one. FAIL. It was actually pretty lame… had a hard time trying to find any good 3D apps in the Google Playstore… which leads us to…

The MAIN problem with VR glasses is that there are NO real good 3d games or videos that I could find (and when you read other reviews this is a VERY common issue)… it is also such a weird experience watching things in a virtual environment using a VR headset that you already know that there’s NO WAY you’d use them over even 15 minutes at a time…

I bought TWO Destek VR Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with the upgraded nose padding and remote control for full price (I was given a discount code to use that didn’t work – I didn’t use it right away and then when I contacted them that the code didn’t work and that I had bought 2 upgraded ones for full price and was hoping that in lieu of the non-working discount code for 1 headset I could maybe run a contest/giveaway instead and send the winner a free one – I was asked for the amazon receipt so I was like whatevs & didn’t reply back…)… soon after the Amazon listing had changed… dang it! There was now a newer version, the DESTEK 2016 New Version LOLOLOL

[Now there’s an even newer one: DESTEK® V2 COMBO 3D VR Headset I actually just “applied” to review this one today. We’ll see what happens.]

btw notice how I have TWO right? And I don’t need an extra one since one is good enough to play around with am I right? SO…

did you want my extra one?

Do you want me to so a #DESTEKVR giveaway/contest?


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review Sideview Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set comes in a really nice bag with handles and a velcro top!

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review-Velcro Top

The 6 pins are connected in pairs by plastic ear-to-ear. Just slip them off the ears, very easily done. The pins are separated by a cardboard bottom.

The bowling ball is nicely tucked in between 2 plastic pieces. Just pop them apart to release the yellow bowling ball.

One issue I noticed after shooting my unboxing review video was that the ball actually has a hole/crack in it… and the seam where the 2 halves of the ball connect is very noticeable… (tried to take mutiple photos with the Galaxy s4 Note but they didn’t capture the real image, will try again later)

The pins are quite solid… not sure how worried you should be that the ears on the pins might break off eventually…

TIP: make sure there’s spacing between the pins so they actually fall down instead of hitting pins that are too close together and rebounding back up…

How many children will roll the bowling ball versus throwing it at the pins…? The ball is so light and feels odd to use it in the normal bowling fashion that everyone will end up chucking the now yellow baseball… like I did in the video lol