Comenzar 13-in-1 Multifunction Pliers Review

Hiya! So here’s my review of the Comenzar 13-tools-in-1 Pliers:

I bought mine for a discount here:

Before we get into this blog post let’s check out my Comenzar “Saw Versus Log” Video…!

First thing you’ll notice is the nicely branded silver Comenzar Logo in a black box. Another you’ll notice is that there’s some weight to this thing!

There’s the usb charging cable and nylon sheath nice and snug inside the box:

Ta-Da! Everything you need is here:

So basically the Comenzar 13-in-1 multifunction pliers includes:
-Flat nose pliers
-Regular pliers
-wire cutter
-fish descaler w/ hook remover and ruler (kinda 3 tools here)
–bottle opener w/ slotted screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
-a file w/ large slotted screwdriver
-slotted scredriver
-can opener
-LED flashlight with a nice Yellow Button
-USB Port
-USB charging cable
-box and “picture” insert showing where all the tools are

I really like that the Comenzar has a rechargeable LED flashlight… it’s so BRIGHT! Even with the lights… wow!

How many time have you ever tried to use pliers in one hand while removing or tightening a screw and a flashlight in the other hand (maybe even balancing it between your legs or in your mouth?!) OR you had your mom or friend trying to help and having them shine the beam of light full-on right in your eyes?!? LOL

Would be nice if there was a flashlight facing the other way too. What is you have to use the knife, screwdrivers or saw and use them in the dark…???

I used the needle nose part of the pliers earlier today while tightening the toilet seat and noticed that the handles did go really wide… someone with smaller hands might have to use two hands.

The knife needs to be sharpened… the saw has interesting teeth… when you look at the wire cutter you’ll have to be very careful if you try to strip wires instead…

Comenzar is small enough when folded to put in your pocket (it is a little on the heavy side though)… or better yet you can just use the belt pouch. It’s not some huge bulky thing that will get in your way. Now where do you carry your usb charging cable? Well you probably won’t have to recharge for quite a while (will have to test this out, how long from full discharge to full charge and continuous use) so it’s no big deal.

I like mine…

Maybe you should get one too. (^_^)

BIG ASS DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my Comenzar multifunction pliers for a discount so I could review it.

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