GinST15 Fermented Korean Ginseng LiquidCaps Review

Disclaimer: Thanks to Surv’N Thrive I was able to review GinST15 for a discounted price.
I bought my GinST15 Fermented Ginseng LiquidCaps here: (they also sell Ginseng Elixir in a dropper bottle. How cool is that?!)

Have you ever experienced the taste or effects of Authentic Korean Ginseng before?

Then you’ll really like the taste of fermented ginseng. It’s NOT awful! LOL

I’ll admit that I was a bit leary of trying FERMENTED!? ginseng What’s that?! It’s probably going to taste horrid right…? It wasn’t actually that bad… I gave my younger sister one (but of course! Who wouldn’t use a sibling as a guinea pig? LOL) – she really dislikes HATES pills but it was okay since this thing dissolved so quickly (I think she partially bit into it) so she didn’t even have to swallow it.

So I asked her about the taste…
Moi: “So what do you think? Is it nasty…?”
Her: “It’s okay”. <== Which means it’s pretty good.

Our family grew up having tasted Ginseng Candy, Tea and real Ginseng growing up with a real Korean Halmoni so we all experienced acupuncture, downing herbal concoctions boiled in a traditional clay pot and drinking the ever nasty doraji mul when sick (it worked though!)…

Never had a Korean Grandma? Never tried Ginseng before? It’s probably going to be one of those acquired tastes… but no worries you can let a bit of the Ginseng out under your tongue and then swallow it with water if it gets too strong for your delicate taste buds (LOL)

Today I walked to the bank and then made a quick pit-stop to order takeout at Taco Del Mar then made it back home in record walking-time… (I took a dose of my GST15-4 before I went out). I was walking abnormally fast for me (I generally walk really, really slow.) and didn’t feel like I was getting tired and I wasn’t feeling all “JACKED UP” either… guess one could call it #SmoothEnergy?

I did experience a “food coma” after eating most of my ginormous burrito along with part of this totally delicious rice/salsa/black beans salad though. LOL And yes, I went to take a nap. FOOD COMA won out versus GINSENG ENERY.

I do suffer from a lack of sleep that goes beyond insomnia… I have the younger sister who can’t walk so she crawls to my door during the night and knocks when she needs to go to the bathroom… how’s that for no energy during the day?!

I haven’t been taking naps everyday like I always feel like doing so these LiquidCaps full of Fermented Korean Ginseng must be doing something right!

I’ve been thinking about taking the Ginseng 3 times per day… at least once in the morning and once at night and maybe even midday and see how that goes. Is my energy level going to increase a lot?

I decided to take another pill earlier & let it just melt in my mouth and almost immediately felt less tired. Quite cool.

You may have to use your finger nail to create an opening in the blister pack so the your Ginseng caps can come out easily. That seal they use is pretty strong. Most of the times my cap is already partially indented from pushing it out of its individual pocket making it easier to have the Ginseng get pushed out by placing it under my tongue.

[will be adding photos and my video]

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