Go Nutrients Iodine Edge Nascent Iodine Ongoing Review

Disclaimer: Received a cool discount so I could test Go Nutrients’ Iodine Edge.

Nascent Iodine EdgeI bought it here: http://www.amazon.com/Nascent-Supplement-Potency-Thyroid-Support/dp/B00J09K8EA/

#IodineEdge is made from deep-earth sourced re-sublimated Iodine and contains USP-grade Kosher Certified vegetable glycerin and purified water.

Nice dropper bottle. I take my nascent iodine straight into my mouth.

Now how many of these drops do you take? Under “Supplement Facts” on the bottle it mentions 6 drops being the Application Size which works out to be 2,694 mcg which equals 1,796 % Daily Value.

WARNING: it goes without saying buy if you’re taking meds, have thyroid or cardiovascular problems then you’ll want to consult with your Physician first

You really should read the How to use Iodine Edge pdf called “Iodine Edge-Directions”… I’ve just been doing the 6 drops… looks like I have to work up to more than that doseage to experience the effects of & benefits from using Go Nutrients’ Iodine Edge…

I’ll be back after more testing!

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