Go Sport-it Ab Roller Unboxing, Installing and Review

Here’s the Sport-it Ab Roller I’m Unboxing, Installing and Reviewing:

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own Sport-it Ab Roller for a discount to test out and review.

BUT there’s one important question we need to deal with first…

Why should you even consider using an ab roller in the first place?

Crunches are not natural body movement. How often in a day do you do the jerky crunch IRL? The only time you do the crunching motion is when… well, when you do crunches! How crazy is this when you really think about it…?

So you really need to do more stability aka CORE exercises. And this is where an ab roller can help. Almost every movement your body makes activates your core.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you somehow twerked your back by picking something up wrong or sleeping weirdly and woke up in pain? Notice how the slightest movement set off those severe pain signals…?! Not fun right?

So you could say the your CORE muscles aka abs and lover back muscles (don’t forget to work on your glutes too btw) are the MOST important ones to keep balanced and strong.

If you don’t have a strong core… almost nothing else matters.

Okay, now let’s get back to the review LOL

Sport-it Ar Roller Unboxing

-Nicely designed box.
-Guide shows how to do some ab exercises.
-Great rubber handles. These might be a bit small for you if you have big hands.
-Steel bar baby.
-Wheels are plastic. There will be some wear and tear in the middle with the plastic part coming out of the wheel spoke that keeps the wheels less than an inch apart… there is a bit of spacing & wobble
-I didn’t notice at first but the knee pad was smushed-in on one corner and the white “Sport-it” had come off before using it… there was some of it on the company insert… I saw an white O on my carpet and then saw that most of the letters were missing on the pad and then saw that some of the letters were jumbled up on my right knee…
-Perfect for when you have no space.

Sport-it Ab Roller Installation

SO easy.

There should be NO steel showing after putting the handles on. (I saw one review photo on amazon with a BIG gap next to one handle… somehow doubt that person even really used it.)

How to Use Your Ab Roller Safely:

If you’ve NEVER used an ab roller before you might want to try doing it this way first.

Start rolling close to a wall. roll towards it. was it okay?

Now try it a step back. How was it this time?

Don’t forget not to force the roll… allow your body weight to help in rolling forward. But keep it controlled and don’t forget to breath properly to keep your core stable and avoid unnecessary injuries. Exhale when rolling out. Hold your breath when extended as far as you safely can. Inhale coming back to the starting point.

Sport-it Ab Roller Exercise Routine

Don’t have the Iron Sheikh around to do his signature Camel Clutch on you to help give you that intense ab stretch?

You can place your forearms on your kitchen counter and slowly move your feet back and allow your body to arch backwards and raise your head up too… and hold the stretch.

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