Honey Land Honeycomb with Gift Box Unboxing & Taste Test Review

Honeycomb from The Land Flowing with Milk & Honey…?!

Yes please!

I’m am quite pleased with my Honey Land 100% RAW Honeycomb/beeswax in a Windowed Wood Gift Box with Latch. Check it out here:


Here’s my Honey land Honeycomb Unboxing & Taste Test Review Video:

(skip to 4mins mark – once I upload the whole video – where I finally get the lid open… and try some honeycomb LOL)

I really like the presentation! Gift box with a latch and a nice see-thru honeycomb container.

If you’re going to buy this as a gift don’t forget to remove the booklet inside the box (under the honey container). Would be weird to find that booklet about cold pressed oils. (I’m going to have to look into Pure & Natural Oil, looks promising)

Spent ~ 1 1/2 minutes licking the inside of the lid… YUM!

It was a bit annoying having to unravel that tape around the lid… lol I even washed the lid and it’s still sticky BUT not from whatever honey that leaked out before… it’s the stickiness from the tape residue!

So you may want to just transfer your honeycomb into a different container.

This honey is so sweet that it seems to good to be true. It’s almost as sweet, if not sweeter
than the stuff you can buy in the supermarket and those are known to contain little honey and
mostly added sugar…

I had honeycomb/beeswax from a local place once and I don’t recall much flavour or sweetness… I
mainly just recall chewing on the beeswax and wondering if I was supposed to spit it out or swallow it… so I’m wondering why Honey Land can be so naturally sweet.

I’ve been using Honey Land on toast (spooning up the “melted” honey alongside the bottom of the container).

I have yet to take a nice chunk and chew away… have only tried using my fingers and just had a few waxy tiny bits in my mouth.

DISCLAIMER: I did buy my Honey Land Honeycomb with a discount code so I could taste and review my very own supply.

Looks like someone forgot to renew the domain name… so I’m wondering when these Honey Land honeycombs were sent into Amazon.

Based on the taste & sweetness of Honey Land’s Honeycomb plus the nice windowed & latched wooden gift box I would recommend this for all honey/honeycomb lovers and gift givers.

Thanks for watching & reading,


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