Instant Granite™ White Italian Marble Unboxing & Review

[Instant Granite™ White Italian Marble Before & After Photos]

You can check out Appliance Arts, the creator of #instantgranite here:

YoonBlowDryerUPSBox Blow Dryer + Triangular UPS Box? Whatever could I be up to…?

Any guesses as to which Instant Granite™ Countertop Film design/color I chose? Was it Venetian Gold, White Italian Marble, or Luna Pearl?

It’s really hilarious of my mom interrupting me in the middle of my UNBOXING and REVIEW video… listen to our conversation… (would have been interesting if she had not known my plans and been surprised my the sudden reno

Sped up installation process… my hd action cam ran out of batteries and my smart phone ran out of storage space so only about half of what I ended up doing shows up…

It’s really convenient and nice of Appliance Art, the makers of Instant Granite to include The Mini Soft Spreader (from lidco products) in lemon yellow with my White Italian Marble.

Low profile, 1 side flat, 1 side slightly beveled and rolled edges, Center thumb spot.

Did NOT expect to see one… goes beyond totally cool for a company to think of little things like this.

Alrighty. So the roll I received is 3′ x 12′. Make sure you measure your kitchen counter top before you order… I know it’s common sense BUT… *ahem * cough * cough* a certain somebody didn’t… [pointing finger at self] who me…?

But no worries! I’m going to install my faux but real looking marble around the bathroom sink!

Wouldn’t you know it… my mother doesn’t necessarily like my choice BUT I’ll make her a believer once she sees the final completed installed NEW bathroom sink counter in White Italian Marble. And if not…?

…good thing Appliance Art states:

“Removing: – Just pull it off! It’s that simple.”

One thing you’ll notice is just how thin your marble/granite is.

It’s not super crazy sticky. Which means that it’s easily & repeatedly removable and won’t leave a really messed up residue you’ll have to struggle cleaning if you ever decided to remove it or lift parts up to correct any mistakes you made.

Here’s what I just wrote on the instant granite website (this time including BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS:

BEFORE Instant Granite and potential installation trouble spots

Alright so I spent quite a few hours changing the bathroom sink counter from the original green granite look to the NEW Instant Granite White Italian Marble woot!
Instant Granite Italian White Marble AFTER Side Angle

Instant Granite Italian White Marble AFTER front view

Thank you SO MUCH for including a lidco Mini Soft Spreader! It was such an extremely useful tool while installing my marble.

You wouldn’t believe how many time I was lifting the instant granite up and down to get it just right… especially around the round sink!!! That was pretty difficult for me BUT I did git r done!

I should have used one large piece but wasn’t feeling too confident in my abilities to install it with the sink in the way so I did it in 2 sections. Glad I did it this way except that the overlap, to me, was quite obvious.

The bathroom lights are VERY bright btw so any errors are probably amplified. Who wants to mess things up when trying to make the bathroom like nice for mom? Plus family is arriving in 2 days so you just have to get everything just right.

I tried to finish this before my mother woke up but she saw what I was doing at ~6AM. I was almost done at the time… she didn’t notice the overlap.

I went to sleep at ~ 7AM and up again ~ 12PM. The overlap is not as noticeable now. There is a difference in color so I can easily distinguish between the 2 pieces, one part is whiter, the other is more greyish.

I did use my blow dryer… was pretty neat. Using your finger to do touch-ups to your new countertop. Molding the ends and almost melting edges together.

Next time I do a Reno… I’m definitely NOT going to do it by myself again! LOL (But what a great experience!)

Make sure to have all the proper tools. I didn’t want to wake mom up to ask her where she kept her extra sharp tools… don’t use scissors like I did! For the main “slab” it won’t matter as much but if you need pieces for the sides (like if your counter isn’t just flat) then having exact edges is a must.

I did mention to my mom that I could just lift the whole thing off but she seems to like it now that it’s installed (in my unboxing video you can hear how she didn’t like my choice of color AT ALL! LOL) and doesn’t want me to remove it.

All I have left to do now is is add 2 more little pieces, one to the left side back rounded corner and one to the front right corner and caulking around the sink to complete my complete renovation of my bathroom counter top!

Thanks to Appliance Art & their really nice looking Italian White Marble Instant Granite™! I did it! I actually did it! w00t!

I did receive a roll of White Italian Marble to test out and review.

========== end of my review posted on =================

Here’s a PRO installing the Instant Granite (no idea who this lady is but she makes it look SO EASY)…

Instant Granite is currently available in 5 different styles: Venetian Gold, Luna Pearl, White Italian Marble, Chestnut, and Ubatuba Black.

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