Mamaway PostNatal PostPartum Belly Band Unboxing and Review

(will be uploading my unboxing vid to youtube later)

Disclaimer: I received a discount so I could buy my own mamaway to review. I bought mine here:

mamaway Post Natal Belly Band Box Front CoverFirstly, the box leaves you no doubt as to what you have in front of you. Nice large image of a Past Natal Belly Band… except the one on the box is not identical to the one you find inside. Not a really biggie but more of a… “Uh… okaaaay…”

Back of box with instructions:
mamaway Belly Band Instructions Back

Here’s How to Put Your #mamaway PostPartum Bellyband on:

mamaway is made with PAIHO Bamboo Charcoal Tech… now Why is this important to you?!

1. It releases Far Infrared Rays to improve blood circulation while keeping the body warm and maintaining body temperature

2. The structure of Taiwan bamboo charcoal provides natural minerals which absorb moisture and reduces odors.

3. Bamboo charcoal yarn will not be affected by repeated washings.

I don’t know why all my images below are upside down!!!

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