Matcha Organics’ Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder Review

Matcha Organics’ Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder Review First Taste Test:

(This is the Matcha Green Tea from Matcha Organics that I was able to buy for a discounted rate to drink and review.) CANADA
USA Here:

I have not made anything from the Top 100 Matcha Recipes Ebook. I’ve just been drinking this straight up with water or more recently with beet root powder in my “Blender Bottle”.

The green tea powder will settle on the bottom of your cup/bottle so drink it in one shot if possible or you’ll have to keep re-stirring or re-shaking…

Can’t say that I’ve noticed any increases in energy (to be fair almost nothing works supplement-wise) or mood… or weight loss… which is probably because I’m more on the less-than-active side of the fitness lifestyle spectrum (whatever! LOL). [If you’re going to take supplements and matcha green tea you’ll definitely want to be somewhat active to enjoy the benefits of taking your daily doses of this healthy stuff. notice how even just going out for a brisk walk makes you feel more alive and energetic?]

This match green tea definitely has a strong recognizable green tea taste. I’m not even trying to re-adjust to weaken the overwhelming strength of the powder on my taste buds. Smells like green tea ice cream too when you open up the resealable pouch.

I really like green tea ice cream… (the mango one is great too!) whenever I have room left over from eating sushi and my usual chucken katsu/sometimes chicken teriyaki. I will have to try making some with matcha powder…

I also enjoy green tea. I should totally make some hot green tea…


I still have about half of the bag left to drink/bake/cook with.

Time to finish my daily morning bottle of Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder from Matcha Organics… blog ya later,

P.S. Earlier this year when at the local playground with my older sister and my niece, one mother was asking another mother whether she had tried something called Matcha Green Tea… (she was prettyt excited about it) now that I’ve been drinking this stuff I have something to talk about with these mums!

P.P.S. I didn’t realize this until after ordering that this green tea is sourced from… yup, you guessed it C-H-I-N-A. ugh. But then again there’s the whole Fukushima thingy which I was looking into earlier this year when doing research on the safety of matcha green tea from Japan and found a forum where they were just blasting away and openly mocking someone questioning if this stuff was safe… craziness.

P.P.P.S. I’ve continued to drink coffee with my Matcha Organics… NO JITTERS!

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