NEW Blazin’ Beef Nacho Pizza Pops Review

*NEW Blazin’ Beef Nacho Pizza Pops Review

Sorry for not adding better photos and not having a video for my Pizza Pops Review… I can’t find the nikon camera and I have no idea where the cord is to recharge the Sony camcorder either… *sigh*

I went to Safeway Christmas Eve to grab my [NOT] free (keep reading) Pizza Pops with the huge coupon I received (along with FIVE “Buy One, Get One Free!” coupons).

I was initially disappointed since Safeway did not have the NEW Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Pizza Pops I really wanted to try… but I did find the NEW Blazin’ Beef Nacho!

During check-out the young girl did write down the price of the pizza pops in the field on the coupon… I wasn’t paying much attention… I told Rachel (my cashier) about how I was going to do a review for the pizza pops… I had assumed that she had SCANNED the FREE Pizza Pops Coupon but I later found out that I had paid full retail price for my “free” pizza pops… $8.99 + tax


What’s interesting about buying the Blazin’ Beef Nacho Pizza Pops is that I had bought one of those monster meal box thingies from Taco Bell Christmas Eve as well… so that taco/nacho/mexican flavour was fresh in my mind and lingering on my taste buds.


New-Blazing-Beef-Nacho-Pizza-Pops-2-Pizza-Pops-WrapperI waited until yesterday (Christmas day) to finally open the 8-pack (YES! There are EIGHT yummy pizza pops in the box!) box… they come 2 per plastic wrapper so 2 pizza pops x 4 wrappers per box. I nuked one for 1 minute (on high which is “10” on my microwave) and then flipped it over for another minute… asmany of you will be familiar with there was a little bit of “leakage” with my Blazin’ Beef Nacho… which was awesome as I licked it and actually said out loud in a quiet & satisfied way “Mmmm, love it.” I did find it a little bit spicy. (I love spicy food btw)

It does say on the box to wait like 2 minutes (after microwaving) before eating the pizza pops… I don’t know anyone that can manage to wait the long when they are screaming at you to “EAT ME!”… how can you resist eating them immediately?! Am I right?

I have to say that I enjoyed my Blazin’ Beef Nacho more than the Taco Bell I had earlier. I made one for my mom. And then nuked two at the same time for 1 1/2 on high and then flipped them over for another 2 minutes. One for my little sister and another one for myself (of course!)… you know what? I’ll be back in a few… time to grab me some pizza pops before I finish this review… brb!

I’m back…!

2 New Blazin' Beef Nacho Pizzz Pops on a Plate

After using WINDOWS 8.1 photo app to take photos with the laptop cam and then trying to find out where the photos saved to and trying to copy them to the desktop… (freaking annoying btw) the pizza pops have cooled down… no longer piping hot but still good eats!

So now I only have 2 left. Good thing I have FIVE “Buy One, Get One Free!” coupons!!!

I can almost guarantee that I’m going to love me some Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Pizza Pops!

Another thing I really like about the Pizza Pops is how EASY it is to tear open the wrappers. The last thing you want to do is struggle with a damn wrapper and then look for scissors or a knife and then accidentally stabbing your hand while opening the wrapper…

New-Blazing-Beef-Nacho-Pizza-Pops-Box-VerticleI’m not sure how people can wait for their Pizza Pops to BAKE in the oven… 19-22 minutes and then 5 minutes to cool down…??? But there is that healthier option… might have to try that one of these days… if I can wait for a frozen pizza to bake then I can…

Ahhhh! Light bulb moment! I can freakin’ bake all 8 at once!!! Sweet. (I’m not the youngster I once was so I doubt I could eat all 8 by myself in one sitting… SO! Here’s an idea… grab one or two boxes and invite your friends over for a PIZZA POPS PARTY! – now why didn’t I think of this before?! Seriously. Who doesn’t LOVE Pizza Pops? Try the NEW Flavours!)

Pizza Pops. Tasty. Convenient. Quick. And quite inexpensive.

I recommend trying the NEW! Blazin’ Beef Nacho Pizza Pops.


P.S. I don’t know if you can tell from one of the photos above but that empty space you see in my mouth… where the missing tooth used to be…? I ate a Delissio Pizza and I’m assuming that the HARD crust helped in breaking it off. LOL SO… eat more pizza pops and less pizza… it could save you from losing a tooth! LOL

*Disclaimer: I did receive coupons for Pizza Pops via Bzz Agents for their Pizza Pops Feed The Beast Campaign

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