DZNR Steel Flex Cuffs Review – Cool Fashion Accessory for Men & Women

Guys need to accessorize. Beyond the dang “gold” chain & other bling… don’t be a shine. LOL

Grab yourself a #DZNRSTEEL Flex Cuffs instead. Check out the multiple designs. NINE designs are available right now! But read this review first! (link available below)

DZNR Steel Flex Cuffs

I decided to buy myself the PLAID. I know. It’s cool like that.

DZNR Steel Cuffs Plaid Left Wrist Top View

I haven’t seen anyone else bring this up but these DZNR cuffs are actually like 2-in-1 bracelets! Notice how they can expand because of the way they’re linked together right…? Just flip it over. TA-DA! Now you have a steel-looking bracelet!

DZNR Steel Cuffs Left Wrist Top View Steel Side

Change it up once in a while…

I personally would like it to be a little larger. I have to wear it on my left wrist where there is some “flex”ing going on. On my right wrist the gaps between the links are more noticeable and you can feel the tightness of the bracelet. But unfortunately the listing states: “Flexible Stretch Bands- 1 Size Fits All”

DZNR Steel Cuffs Left Wrist Bottom View Steel Side

If you’re really skinny then this could make for a really snazzy armband.

The only other negative-like thing is the tiny little paint-bubble I noticed. Not a big deal since noone’s really going to notice it unless they inspect it closely

You may want to hurry up and grab one the available designs because apparently these are “Unique Limited Edition Graphics”.

One reason why this makes for a cool gift… it arrives in a really cute silver draw string pouch:

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a discount code for participating in wanting to review my very own DZNR Flex Steel Cuffs

Life Phorm All-In-One Camera Stand Review

Hiddy-ho friend,

Life-Phorm is an all-in-one positioning device (By Lethal Protection) for tablet computers, smart phones and cameras. (For this review I’ve only tested it out by using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in its case.)

You can see me staring at my box just before shooting my video review

It’s a pain using my tripod and camcorder… mainly because the part of the tripod connected to my camcorder
tends to flop down so ground is being filmed instead LOL

And trying to position my mobile phone has been very annoying… falls down all the time…going back and forth making sure the object of the video is in the right place… is it at the right angle? ugh

So I’m pretty stoked about trying out to Life Phorm AIO Camera Stand

The box looks really nice.

The top doesn’t match the bottom… the back is sideways… a minor detail

The first thing after opening the box?

Well the foam thingy is not cut square… it’s like someone used a left over piece to place there. Not a great first impression unboxing the #LifePhorm

Nice box and then… huh?! What were they thinking?! But hey, another minor detail right?

Now the Life-Phorm itself is nicely tucked into the styrofoam(different then the regular version you see
in packing, it’s that see-thruish air bubbly kind).

It’s really helpful that they included a very easy-to-figure-out instructions insert.

And there’s a page that mentions a 1-year warranty. Sweet.

It does take a bit of tweaking the positioning of the legs to get it just right… but with so many points of articulation you will find a way to get what you want.

LifePhorm Table Galaxy Note 4 Sideways Landscape View

I’ve been looking at buying one of those gorilla pod thingies but decided to buy the Life-Phorm to test out (Disclaimer: I did receive a discount). So far. So good. (Might still buy one of those gorilla ones since it’s a bit more portable than the Life Phorm.)

If you’ve been lloking for something that iwll help you take unique photos and videos than go ahead and buy a #UniversalTableCellphoneCameraStand from amazon:

Life Phorm Back Screw

Life Phorm Verticle SmartPhone Kitchen Counter

Life Phorm Verticle SmartPhone Kitchen Handle 3 Legs

Life Phorm Verticle SmartPhone Kitchen Handle

(DISCLAIMER: I did receive a cool discount code so I could buy a Life-Phorm on Amazon to review, I don’t receive any financial compensation for doing a review or if you buy from the link above)

Piscifun Single Shoulder Crossbody Bag Review – The Perfect Emergency Bug out Bag?

Here’s what I’m reviewing:®-Multi-functional-Single-Shoulder-Crossbody/dp/B00S0EANJ6/ (Disclaimer: I did receive a cool #piscifun discount.)

[youtube vid will go here after it’s finished uploading]

PiscisunSingleShoulderCrossBodyBagFrontPolyBagsmallMy first reaction was… “This thing is huge!”

It arrived in a plastic bag with their brand across the top… the 3 tags were all in Chinese, so I have no idea what they are telling you

Check out Piscifun’s Amazon listing… always nice to see different designs! Coyote Tan, Black, Army Camo, Sand Camo, Brown Camo. I chose the “Army Camouflage”. (My 2nd choice would be the black one… might have to buy another one, stuff it with just-in-case-things-go-to-@#%$#^#$ items and store it in the family mini-van.) Piscifun Multi-functionalNylonSingle Shoulder Crossbody Bag Colors

Plenty of space to fit pretty much anything you need for a family outing, diapers (makes for a really cool looking diaper bag, have you ever seen anyone using a camo-style one before?!), shtf emergency bug out camping bag… with lots of zippered compartments and side pockets.

Piscisun Single Shoulder Cross Body Bag BackThis bag is VERY comfortable to wear (it is a functional fashion accessory after all). I like how it has 2 breathable mesh areas so your body is less likely to get clammy from excessive sweating (I tend to overheat).

It’s actually comfy wearing it slung across either shoulder. Plus it’s very easy to pull/slide it to the front of your belly/chest to access whatever you’re looking for.

Looks so cool even slung over my chair. Check it out. (photo coming soon)

Nutra Pharm Melatonin Spray Review Does it Really Help You Sleep Better?

DISCLAIMER: I received a really cool discount for today’s Nutra Pharm’s #melatoninspray review

(I bought it here:

Nutra Pharm Melatonin Spray Review Does it Really Help You Sleep Better?

Sprayed some melatonin last night (watch the YouTube vid)…

Got out of bed @ 4AM (3:45 AM to be more exact), still awake… lol

Many years ago I used a sample bottle spray of melatonin from a multi-level marketing company I had signed up with… I totally cannot recall what it was called!

BUT the spray worked! It was probably the best sleep I had ever had. Makes me wonder why I didn’t buy a bunch to use and to “sell”… think that same company had a really good arthritis cream. I gave samples out via mailing addressess from posting in an email newsgroup [LOL how old school internet is that…?! LOL]

Over the years I haven’t been very kind to my body… so it’s not like something will instantly “cure” or reverse the effects of years of abuse and neglect. A gradual improvement in the right direction will be very encouraging! (I’m testing out different supplements to try to attain that elusive ENERGY & VIGOR for everyday life!)

My order arrived in a padded envelope with a copy of my order, an insert and spray…

Here’s what I wrote on Amazon:

Okay so this review is based on 4 days of use so far…

Day 1: sprayed it in and ON my mouth… make sure to hold it close and open your mouth wide LOL
woke up at 3:45 AM

Day 2: Had the wildest moment the first time waking up and opening my eyes in the dark… dark red lines in maze-like shapes pulsating all over my walls and ceiling (& closed blonds too I think)… it was trippy to say the least… I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Out of bed before 5:50 AM

Day 3: Went to sleep ~12:30 AM 4 short bursts and 2 longer ones (held under tongue for a bit then swallowed). Sleep seemed to improve

Day 4: ~9:14 PM (technically same day as Day 3) 4 pumps.under tongue, letting the melatonin get absorbed better, swallowed ~20-30 seconds later. Woke up multiple times. (including receiving a knock at my door, sister needed to go to the washroom, she’s not able to do this herself) Finally out of bed at about 8:33 AM. But I felt at ease during those moments I was inbetween attempts to sleep…

I didn’t read the label closely… wasn’t sure what the taste was coming from Nutra Pharm’s Melatonin Spray… until I read a review here and looked at my bottle LOL Oh… vanilla…

2 not so great things about this spray though
-when I removed the protective plastic wrap from the bottle my hands came away sticky… had to rinse my bottle clean
-this has Potassium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate in it… you know… Preservatives.

Are you having a hard time sleeping? I’ve been having a hard time so I’ve recently been testing out this #melatoninspray from Nutra Pharm… having interesting results so far (not complete zero waking up sleep yet) but feeling better with the sleep I’ve manage to have.

Back to this blog post…

Should you buy Nutra Pharm’s Melatonin Spray?

NutraPharmMelatoninSpraySmallIf you can get over the use of preservatives in this spray and you DESPERATELY CRAVE SLEEP then you really ought to consider trying it. We both know how extremely dangerous it is to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even economic health to not have enough real sleep… I’m going to continue using this melatonin spray until it’s empty and works or I’ll be on the look for another melatonin supplement. It’s too early to tell if I will receive the desired results of a full night’s restful/peaceful/energy-recharging sleep.

But it’s definitely worth trying Nutra Pharm’s Melatonin Spray.

Sleep well my friend, sleep well. And sweet (or very vivid life-like) dreams,

P.S. Here’s the back of the insert:

Average Joe Kindle Ebook Review A Post Apocalyptic Graphic Action Story

You can read my review on Amazon:


I was invited to check out a Kindle ebook: Average Joe. Here are my thoughts…

I really like 1st person stories like this, seems so real, you are peering into the protagonist’s mind and life.

The “Realist” mentality is quite entertaining and this is only the 2nd paragraph LOL

HOWEVER your are suddenly hit with multiple and then continual uses of the f-bomb… and Joe starts getting very graphically violent and, well, cannibalistic. The action violence is quite graphic and quite detailed.

There are points when the book changes to a Narrative point of view, you;ll notice it when you see N- – N

745 pages?!?!?!

I still have not finished reading this yet… I am reading “Average Joe” on my laptop using the Kindle Cloud Reader. So it’s a little bit slow going.

Average Joe to… Merciless Joe… his name keeps changing each time he literally wipes out the different post-apocalyptic gangs. DANG it’s quite the journey.

Should you pick up a copy of “Average Joe”?

If you can look past the barrage of f-bombs and violent action then it can be quite entertaining and humorous. It’s filled with LOTS of pop culture references.

The story setting and action reminds me of Fist of The North Star… new gangs popping up that have to be dealt with severely… even though the protagonist is so bad @ss he’s quite fond of and protective of certain people. (not sure you can say “loved ones” since these anti-hero types are quite messed up)

DISCLAIMER: I was able to read this for free by using a gift card sent via email #bookpromotion

Koozie Cooler Torch LED Flashlight Drink Holder Review

#CoolerTorch Koozie LED Flashlight Drink Holder Review

Well, here’s my raw unedited first video review…

Koozie Plastic BagBuy your own Koozie LED Flashlight Koozie here:
Black – (This is the one I bought for a discount)
Green –
Pink –
Purple –

The Facebook Fanpage:

Alrighty, so I’m reviewing the super cool Koozie aka Cool Torch Flashlight Drink Holder… Disclaimer: I did receive a really sweet discount.

Seriously cool.

If you’re in a club or at a BBQ you will get attention!

All you have to do is put your bottle in the holder and push the On/Off button and keep pushing it to cycle through the different colours: White, Green and Red. Works great! (Hey! Just currently uploading a quick video of the lights through a water bottle, should be available pretty soon…)

One thing to note: This can can be used for larger bottles and smaller ones. All you have to do is remove the inner sleeve! Yes, the thing you see inside can be easily removed. I did’t do that. I tried to force a bottle into both sleeves and failed. LOL

What’s really freaking cool too is the you don’t have to unscrew the bottom, buy 3AAA batteries and insert them into the bottom. The thing is ready to go! Batteries included!!! Hurray!

Koozie Bag Cooler Torch Flashlight Front
Oh yeah! The Coolertorch comes in its own drawstring bag. Super convenient for storage. Plus, the branding logo is super cool.

You will always know where your drink is. AND people will automatically know where the COOLEST person in the club or BBQ is. Just follow the light… and there you are! w00t!

And… have you ever been at a party where noone knew whose drink was whose…?! You can solve that problem with your very own Koozie! Only problem being that someone might take it. Hope not! Better to just hold on to it and look cool all night long! (Now I haven’t actually tested how long the batteries last for yet… so that may end up being multiple nights in a row?)

Koozie Bag Cooler Torch FlashlightStanding Back

I really can’t overstate this but this Koozie is really cool!

WARNING: Don’t freaking stare into the Koozie when clicking on the lights! LOL SERIOUSLY!

The white light activates the 11 inner LEDs (trust me – extremely bright here! lol), green activates 7 outer LEDs and red activates 6 outer LEDs. They all use different LEDs. Smart design there.

I also found a flashlight in my Koozie bag… nice free unexpected gift there!

I am going to buy the pink one for my older sis. This is one of those gifts that has that “WOW! This is SO COOL! Thank you! Thank you so much! This is the coolest gift ever!” written all over it.

Until the next review, Keep Smiling! (^_^)

P.S. If you ever go camping or to those family events at night… make sure your children use the CoolTorch Koozie! You’ll always be able to find them. Now that’s what I call COOL! So instead of it being something where one might just say “Dang man, I’m so cool”. using their own Koozie… it’s a Safety Device for your loved ones!

Think about this too… Color-Coded! EX. Pink (depending on colour of liquid and bottle of course) is MOM! SO kids know where to run to if they get temporarily lost.

OR you can just take the bottle out and use the base lights like a beacon or flashlight. Again. COOL.

P.P.S. It’s really cool when you know the name of the person behind the product… Peter has been sending cool emails letting me know about contests and discounts. Just another reason to go ahead and grab yourself a Koozie.


zecurity Handcuffs Review

I know right? Handcuffs? For real?! Yeah.

My first impression of zecurity’s handcuffs was “Dang! These are heavy!” So right away you’re impressed (even before opening the box) that these bad boys are HEAVY DUTY and ready for some use. (Criminals probably don’t stand a chance!)

btw I even made someone else in my family feel how heavy the box was! LOL

zecurity hand cuffs open case plastic bagThe cuffs came in plastic bag inside a leather case with velcro inside a sturdy box with the zecurity logo on it.
zecurity handcuffs case belt loopThe belt-loop hole in the case seems to be a bit too large. I don’t own a belt that would keep the case snug against my waist. So you’d definitely want to find a large width belt… NOT dress pants belts.

Okay, so I’ve gone ahead and measured the spacing… from seam to seam laying flush against the pouch it’s approx 7.6 centimeters (3 inches) long. When pulled pulled out simulating real life usage attached to your belt… 8 centimeters or 3 5?32 inches long.

You could probably knock some perp the heck out by swinging these cuffs in a scuffle.

letter z zecurity handcuffs

I’m going to attempt to try un-locking myself from these cuffs… I do have shorter fingers so this may be a really big challenge…


missing zecurity handcuff keysThere are NO KEYS!!! lololol Good thing I didn’t lock myself up and then check if there was a key inside the pouch or box. OOPSIEs!?

Maybe I received a previously returned one… I see a scuffed up part to the cuffs.

So my review of #zecurity’s handcuffs pretty much has to end here. No keys. No real testing possible. Unless I want to practice my lock-picking skills I’ve picked up after all these years of watching spy thriller movies and spy tv shows… right…

And in case anyone was wondering… this is a REAL REVIEW… NOT one based on “my honest unbiased review” in exchange for a deeply discounted or FREE product. I was actually given a promo code which was expired when I tried to redeem it on (my bad for not using it immediately and I didn’t want to bug the guy doing the promo so… ) Well, I just bought it for full price anyways yo.

But it really does suck that there are no keys! LOL Especially annoying when you pay full price for something that’s missing probably the most important piece of the purchase. Let’s see how long it takes to receive the keys so I can unlock myself from these cuffs… going to be embarrassing explaining this to people…

(HAhaha If you read the blog post you would have seen that I was going to test these cuffs out for real but made sure to look for the keys first and didn’t find them and didn’t cuff my wrists together or to anything else. Could you imagine “Um, excuse me but could you come over and cut these cuffs off of me? Or you were alone and didn’t have your phone next to you?! Someone hears you screaming, breaks down your door, then sees you handcuffed and then walks away shaking their head…)

I’m not mad btw. I just think this is funny.

Just a fyi I will be doing reviews that come with a discount or for free as well. They will be based on my honest unbiased opinion.


Life Defender Water Filter Straw Review

Alrighty so here’s my Life Defender Personal Water Filter Straw Review (scroll down to see my video review)

I was given a promo code which worked but I wanted to order other stuff too the next day, went back to the next day and there was no active discount so my bad… was one of those one-time use promo codes (I did message the guy for a new code but heard nothing back from him and the promo & tracking link he used were no longer active so I was sol – lol)

But since I had agreed to do a review I just went ahead and paid $24.77

As you can see from the photos and the video the Life Defender is HUGE! It’s almost as long as my forearm. So if you’re in a bad situation then you’ll have a lot of water to filter and drink in a hurry!

One of the problems with a portable personal water filtration device when shtf is that there’s no real way of carrying a large amount or even a small amount of water with you. What if you needed to hide out for a few hours? You’d be too thirsty and dehydrate and might venture out into extreme danger… would’t it be nice to be able to attach your water filter directly to a bottle?

Here’s my Video Review of the #LifeDefender… make sure to read the description on YouTube, you’ll see why after watching the entire vid…

Also, here’s a link to my Amazon review which I did prior to doing the above video… as you’ll note I mentioned re-doing my amazon review LOL But I haven’t done that… yet.

Back to The Future 30th Anniversary Giveaway!

Thanks to TeeFury’s really cool giveaway!

You can win the Hoverboard, Air Mags Shoes and Marty McFly Cap. ALL THREE could be yours!

Back To The Future Giveaway by TeeFuryBack To The Future 30th Anniversary Giveaway – Win a Hoverboard, Air Mags Shoes and Marty McFly Cap

[One entry per email address. You can earn Bonus Entries for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Winner will be chosen by October the 29th!]

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review Sideview Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set comes in a really nice bag with handles and a velcro top!

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bowling Set Review-Velcro Top

The 6 pins are connected in pairs by plastic ear-to-ear. Just slip them off the ears, very easily done. The pins are separated by a cardboard bottom.

The bowling ball is nicely tucked in between 2 plastic pieces. Just pop them apart to release the yellow bowling ball.

One issue I noticed after shooting my unboxing review video was that the ball actually has a hole/crack in it… and the seam where the 2 halves of the ball connect is very noticeable… (tried to take mutiple photos with the Galaxy s4 Note but they didn’t capture the real image, will try again later)

The pins are quite solid… not sure how worried you should be that the ears on the pins might break off eventually…

TIP: make sure there’s spacing between the pins so they actually fall down instead of hitting pins that are too close together and rebounding back up…

How many children will roll the bowling ball versus throwing it at the pins…? The ball is so light and feels odd to use it in the normal bowling fashion that everyone will end up chucking the now yellow baseball… like I did in the video lol