Shadibody Jump Rope CrossFit Set Review
(DISCLAIMER: I was able to order from Amazon for free to test out and review my own Shadibody wrist sweatbands, crossfit speed jump rope, & resistance loop bands.)

Here’s my #Shadibody Unboxing & Review Video (I had to edit & speed-up this video since it was REALLY long):

Exercise Resistance Loop Bands comes with 3 pieces-for varying degrees and difficulty of resistance
Green = Easy
Red = Medium
Blue = Harder

Okay now. This is really cool that Shadibody includes the wire cutter pliers! Say what?! No need run out and buy one or having to rummage around everywhere looking for yours. Very Convenient.
Your Shadibody skipping rope also comes with an extra rope AND extra Rubber Domes (end caps) and Screw Handles (nuts and bolts for crossfit jump ropes)

You’ll also find a red drawstring pouch to carry your #crossfit skipping rope and 3 resistance loop bands wherever you go. No time for the gym or no gym close by? No Problemo.

There’s an insert telling you how to claim your free ebook and gives you:
-a SWEET 20% Discount on all Future Products for the Next 7 Years!
-an amazing 3-Year Warrantee on Shadibody Products
-and a cool Full Refund within 30 Days of Purchase

There are some negatives though… (minor ones)

One of my sweatbands did have a bit of fraying at one end…

And there’s that ebook you can download BUT it doesn’t include any photos or drawings or links to vids so you might not know how to trim your jump rope to personalize it to the proper length for your body or how to properly and safely do the resistance band exercises…

(I will by embedding a video here showing how to do it)

Now I’m going to have to test out how long these resistance loop bands last for and how long it’s going to take me to wear out the skipping rope before I have to replace it with the spare one… the faster I wear them out, the faster I’ll lose all this extra fat around my midsection!

So how about you?

So anytime time you’re finally ready to LOSE FAT and get healthy again… go ahead and check out Shadibody, start skipping rope and use those resistance loop bands. Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016.

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