SIMIEN Rubber Arm Bar Review How to Strengthen Your Hands, Wrists & Forearms

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Are you suffering from Tennis elbow? Perhaps in pain because of Golfer’s Elbow?

Maybe you just have puny forearms? Have weak wrists? No hand grip strength? No finger crushing power?
Simien Armbar Bend
#simiensports Armbar may be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Start with the Yellow Rubber Core (already inside the Blue Rubber Tube.)
Simien Armbar Twist
Then work your way up to the Green Rubber Core and Blue Rubber Core. (I had trouble placing the green one all the way into the tube and then had trouble removing it too… the yellow and blue were no problem for me.)
Simien Armbar Twist Angle
[Remember to slowly try the different exercises. Especially if they’re in awkward positions as you may experience that really bad twinge/electrical-shock-like pain.]

You can also use your SIMIEN Armbar as a massage roller for your forearms, wrists and finger flexors. Cool.

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own SIMIEN Armbar for a discount to test out and review. I’m not compensated in any way for sharing my thoughts and opinions here.

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