TENS Unit Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unboxing Video and Review – More Power, More Speed!

This TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Unboxing and Review one is available here:
http://www.amazon.com/Tens-Handheld-Electronic-Pulse-nkMassager/dp/B007TOJ948?keywords=Tens+unit DISCLAIMER: I received a sweet discount so I could test it out and post a review.

Okay SPOILER Alert: this TENS machine you hold in your hands can crank out the power and give you the Most Intense Electric Pulse (I’ve never been touched with Defibrillator so I can’t compare this to one of those lol) and then you add in the SPEED… WOO-HOO! Now that’s some kind of massage baby!

Here’s the best part of the above UNBOXING & Review Video, ONLY 1:17 mins long:




I really appreciate that Santa Medical included the 4 AAA batteries! I do have rechargeable ones, 2 of which are in my Dr. Ho’s 2-pads TENS Unit. (I’m too lazy to even get my own batteries. Isn’t that why I need a deep powerful massage from a TENS Unit in the first place?? LOL okay so I’m slightly overstating my degree of laziness here…)

Put the batteries in. Plug your lead wires into your new best friend aka Electronic Pulse Massager. Attach your STICKY pads (electrodes) AND crank it up! It’s a party your body won’t forget!

I really like it so far (I’ve bought that Dr. Ho’s thingy 3 times. 1 for myself. And the 4-pads version for my bro-in-law and a ex-bff)…

What’s pretty cool about this #Tensunit is the dual channel part… you can either massage 2 people at the same time with different Power Intesity and Speed or it’s perfect for when you want to massage 2 different muscle groups at the same time.

TENSUnitStickyPadElectrodeCloseUp(Yay! These pads are sticky! They will stick to your fingers when you first try to peel them off the large plastic backing they come stuck to.)

One thing to note is that the lead wire may not give you enough space for when your want to place your pads on both traps so you can actually pull the wires apart.

The massage timer is maxed out at 15 minutes. Which is actually a good safety feature… if you feel like you need a longer massage then just start again or Use More Power and Use More Speed (“I Need More Power, I Need More Speed!” with voice of the Original Captain James T. Kirk with Scotty responding with “Jim, she’s given it all she’s got!”

I tried moving one pad while it was still on to place it lower from my upper traps… ouch! Thought that maybe I had placed the pad on a zit or something! Sharp piercing pain. Turned off and moved the 2nd pad too…

Right now I’ve moved both pads to my upper back and it’s not feeling powerful enough… think I need the extra boost from the other lead line and 2 additional pads…

Still testing this TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager out… so far, so good!

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