Ultimate Squat Unboxing, Assembly & Workout Review

If you want to know more about #UltimateSquat go directly o to their Official Site here:

or buy one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HOZJL80

Very Simple to put together.

It’s pretty weird seeing a plain beat-up cardboard box with “2 Minute Booty” on it when you were expecting “The Ultimnate Squat” in a nicely branded box. while I was peeling off the packing tape the cardboard ripped open instead LOL

So what’s inside the box?
-1 paper Insert, 2 Minute Booty name eplanation, assembly and exercise instructions/pics
-4 carabiners
-2 stretch exercise tubes w/ a clip ring on both ends
-2 handles over straps (foot loops) with clip rings
-1 padded bar with 2 holes on both ends
-2 padded end pieces with roller wheels
-1 2 Minute Booty™ branded shoulder strap carrying bag

The insert mentioned a Diet and Exercise guide which I don’t see anywhere.

My rotating round ends were squashed flat at one part so they didn’t roll smoothly against the wall.

Even though there’s no mention of using your Ultimate Squat this way… it’s perfect for Shoulder Presses too! Squats followed by shoulder presses back to squats… to more shoulder presses…

If this doesn’t kick your buttock… whew! Work it baby!

Looks like you could add more resistance bands for even more of an insane quads/butt-kicking and shoulder-burning workout!

One really odd thing to me was the instructions for using the Ultimate Squat. I’ve never done squats in an “imagine you’re about to sit on a chair” way… so it was awkward doing them this way. it’s VERY Unnatural. This was makes you dependent on leaning against the bar and wall which reduces the effectiveness of the workout…

My feet (back in my gym days) were always under the bar while squatting not one of 2 steps in front of where the bar was.

The way it’s recommended with Ultimate Squat will really workout your quads. If you want to hit your glutes more then do squats with the bar and shoulders in line with your feet and squeeze your glutes during your squats. You could also try adding the “kick back” for tighter buns.

DISCLAIMER: I was able to buy my own Ultimate Squat to test out and review with a discount code.

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