Unboxing Krazilla Waterproof HD Sports Action Camera

Here’s what I’m unboxing and reviewing ==> The Krazilla Waterproof HD Sports Action Camera: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TKH91S Disclaimer: I did receive a discount so I could test out my very own Krazilla. They’ve reduced the price by a LOT since I bought mine… check it out if you’re looking for a low-cost 1080P waterproof action camera.


I was able to buy it for a discount… pretty soon after that it was drastically discounted on Amazon.com… and then their actual website… it’s still currently hacked with some ransom message on it… so like is this brand being ignored and done away with? Go server-side and delete the junk that’s there and put your site back up yo! How long before a brand realizes that something’s gone wrong with their website?! O.o

I was more than happy to unbox my Krazilla seeing as it was my only sports action camera… I’d been looking @ Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM, Go Pro, Polaroid but found myself with the cool opportunity to grab myself a krazilla.

Your Krazilla comes in the waterproof case. I haven’t tested out if the seals are good enough to keep water out of the case and camera yet… want to be able to take some vids n pics first…

I do not have any footage of photos to share with you… looks like my micro SD card is kaput… think it was damaged from being in my Galaxy S2 when dropped off my table. So I have to buy a new card and adapter (have no idea where my adapter is) before I can test out the video and photography capabilities. Sorry.

GreenPlasticStickerAndResidueNatrualLightingI have no idea why that green plastic square thingy is there on my screen. I tried to remove it and it’s just stretching out… and now there’s also a transparent residue in that spot.

There is NO Internal Memory whatsoever. No micro SD card = no videos = no photos = your changed settings and time stamp are reset once you pull the battery out and put it back in.

Looking forward to testing it out as a Dash Cam first. I’m also thinking about buying one of those accessories kits – mainly the chest & head mounts.

Plugged my #krazilla into my desktop to recharge the battery, you can see the battery icon showing that it’s charging up on the screen. Went out for a very short time it looked to be fully charged. But once I turned it on the battery level showed the one green bar just like when I first turned it on straight out of the box… not sure how to check out the real battery level… guess I’ll have to use the app to sync-up with the camera and see how much juice it still has.

Krazilla comes with the following:
-HD Sports Camera – really like the compact “cute” size and having the lcd screen is great!
-Waterproof case – quite easy to open to take the camera out
-USB charging cable (plastic bag was not sealed completely, only part way)
-Bicycle Bracket
-3 Screws (mine seemed to be missing one BUT then I noticed afterwards that one of them was screwed into the bicycle bracket… which makes me think that min might have been a RETURN especially since…) Another thing to note is that these are smooth plastic, not rubber… I have dryish fingers so I kept dropping one screw in my unboxing/review video – just glad that I didn’t damage the glass and wood.
-Helmet Bandage
-Bracket Base and Helmet Bracket Base (which both have the 3M stickers attached to them)
-Bracket Fastener
BrokenVertical Connector-Vertical Connector my Connector was broken! The metal screw thingy was not attached & there was a small metallic w/m shaped thing as well (which leads me to think that maybe someone saw this or somehow broke it and then RETURNED it)
-Horizontal Connector
-Rechargeable lithium battery (this things gets HOT even though I still haven’t taken any vids or photos yet!!! and that heat spreads to other parts of the camera too)
-a bonus empty plastic bag (yes, a small empty plastic bag LOL which I’m guessing the battery should have been in with a piece of tape keeping it from slipping out…? Which gives me a third reason to think that maybe I have a used krazilla)

(the User Manual itself shows the krazilla is a PADV008 camera)

When you look at the 2 menus… man, there are a LOT of functions/options with this camera!
The first bunch: Movie Size, Seamless, Date Stamp, Resolution, Quality, Drive Mode, Sequence Capture, Interval and Capture
The 2nd bunch or settings/functions/options: Wi-Fi Set, Language, Format, Date & Time, TV Out, Sounds, LCD Save, Power Save, Metering, Sharpness, White Balance, Exposure, Light Freq. and System.

I still have to try using the HDMI. Will be cool to see how things look on the smart tv.
If you have an Android device like I do then here’s a direct link to the iSmart DV app on Google Playstore

When you look at the lcd screen you will notice the dreaded FISH EYE distortion. Which pretty much means your photos and videos will also have that distortion. I’ll have to fiddle around with the settings to see what can be done about minimizing it, reducing it or just getting rid of it if at all possible.

I do like how the camera shows “Bye-bye” when you shut it off. Just an added touch of coolness. It’s just really quite neat.

I’ll be back with a REVIEW testing out the video, photo and audio capabilities of Krazilla when I have a working micro sd card! SORRY!

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